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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Don't Hate. Appreciate.

10/13/2013 10:57:05 AM

Since it is a Sunday (well, as of the time I am writing this piece), try to do this: let’s do patch things up on a good, lighter note. Shall we? Yeah, let’s go the other way around since I have been noticing that most of my posts in this blog site of mine are already bunch of not-so-bad ones.

“Love is what NOT the world really needs. It should be APPRECIATION.” I used to wrote that on my personal refection article “69 Things in Life, According To Me.”

You know, I have been noticing these things for the past few years: we all live in a society where negativity was the name of the game. Yes, bet it a bad news, issues, problems, and even relationship conflicts. No wonder why every single one of us used to be branded as “nega star.” No wonder why we, in general, could not understand the fact that we can’t be perfect even if we attempt to for numerous times in our respective lives.

I know... it sucks to be in that situation right? Where for almost all of the times, you can only hear criticisms that aren't meant much to help you. To feel taken for granted as if they will only call you because they needed something, when things do not happen the way as you vision them into, or even constantly committing the same mistakes. I know, and I know... it’s a really tough circumstance in life.

I am not a sociologist, but I think I have seen enough of bad vibes in life. And the thing is, giving your downed friend a sign of affirmation could be a daunting task. Well, maybe a “high-five” will do, but I’m talking about more than a hand clap.

I am neither a psychologist nor even a motivational guru, but as I observe everyone’s behaviour, it seemed that we lacked that one thing in life: appreciation. And it all starts at home, when parents scolded their children for too much.

"Parents tend to criticize 8 times more than they praise." Those words came from a certain George Sison from his Positive Sessions (heard at DWIZ’s Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo every Fridays at 1pm).

It may be the way of discipline we had in the past. But the problem is everything changes. Whatever that seemed to be working during our medieval times may not be effective in the present. I’m all for that type, but you can’t scold you children for every single mistake at all times. It may not motivate the youngster to be challenged and instead it may end up the other way around. Even if I react against them, I understand too that being “unappreciated and always criticized” could be one of the root reasons why they ended up rebelling against their elders. And no wonder why the same people ranted a lot on their Facebook posts (or even on Twitter).

And what seems to be harder is when you’re surrounded by negative people. Yikes.

I am not even a good advice-maker for that matter, however I can only suggest you few things in life which you may need to lift yourself up (even a bit).

Get an inspirational-book. Yes, you should start reading for some time. And I am not talking about any Harry Potter or any installment from the Precious Hearts Romance series; but rather about books that will offer you a lot of goodies. Try to seek any of these: Chicken Soup; or the works from the following: Francis Kong, Bo Sanchez, Arum Gogna, Chinkee Tan, and even the people behind that 700 Club Asia. It may be sounded Christian, but believe me – having a good spiritual life can make you feel appreciated.

Surround yourself with a bunch of “optimistic” people. I know, it may be rare to find them since most of us have that way of mindset. It’s not really that bad to be a realist though we need to think of the other way around for some time. It’s like a saying in Filipino, “problema na nga ‘yan, poproblemahin mo pa?” Well, if you really need inspiration from other people, then go look for those "positive people."

Listen to “good vibes.” Not just a heart-warming and mind-opening talk, but I mean something that can really be worth of your time. If you ask me, there are certain inspirational-themed programs on air. Perhaps all you have to do it to tap that remote button and go channel surfing ‘til you find that one. Or go for comedy shows (and I don't mean the slapstick ones though). I'd recommend them rather the typical soap operas (unless they got something different there). If we’re talking about music, any speed or any genre will do – all I’m really after was the lyrical content; because that’s where the “message” comes in.

You yourself should learn to do the art of appreciation. If you are good in critiquing one’s flaws, then affirming the good ones should be easy task for you. Well, if you really wished to do so. It all starts in you. Try to see yourself in front of a mirror and practice smiling right there.  Also, try to think of all the good memories you had in yesterday. Maybe that can help you to motivate yourself.

Not really convinced? Try that so-called “Divine Kulam.”

You know, if we are really emotional and romantic people, then we should use our emotions in some kind of good matters. We should start appreciating people and their good deeds in life. ‘Cause that where LOVE will come from: appreciation.

Why did I say that? I experienced being "unappreciated" either.

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions


  1. This post is so timely...I need this one now...just feel good post...

    1. you can read this anytime as you wish to, and anytime you needed to uplift yourself. Thanks for appreciating!

  2. Time to stop global whining and start focusing on the good stuff. I always say that in any two situations, there's always a better way and that's where we see the positive in any situation.

  3. What a wonderful post. It pays to take a look at your surroundings and see what has brought you laughter and smiles already instead of focusing on the pain.

  4. it is inspiring to read this kind of stuff. thanks to you!

  5. Yup, pretty mind-reading post, smart words, and good advice....hard to stay positive when you're surrounded by negative people, but we do what we can!

    ((And it doesn't hurt that our environment in the Philippines is so beautiful to look at, eh?))

    1. I know, buddy. Even yours truly really struggles to do so.


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