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Monday, October 07, 2013

Punk's Got Punked

9/21/2013 3:29:14 PM

I know. I’ve hated CM Punk for disrespecting the Undertaker’s man weeks before their over-hyped Wrestlemania match at New York.

But heck, he’s on the underdog side this time around. I mean the real “underdog” state of mind. He dueled up against the intercontinental champion Curtis Axel and his former friend Paul Heyman.
And it’s not about the game they used to play anymore. Their feud is about their personal relationships.

I can’t tell the exact details since some videos aren’t accessible to my country at this point. All I can remember is that when I watched the Night of Champions last Wednesday night at the local free TV Channel here in Manila, the 2-on-1 match was already airing then.

CM Punk lost the game, but not at the hands of the wrestling opponent. Instead it went at the so-called “illegal-yet-dramatic” fashion displayed by the surging Ryback who came by to save Heyman from a possible loss at the brutal hands of the so-called “Best In The World.” In short, Paul Heyman won it by technicality.

Nah, much hype came along and yet (I know) a lot of people were disappointed. But that is wrestling by nature nowadays: sports and drama in one show. But maybe some people will hope that CM Punk will regain himself later on.

I guess… some development along this issue will come along in the near future. And maybe I won’t write much about wrestling soon; but I’ll keep myself updated anyway.

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