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Saturday, November 02, 2013

In Defense To Mr. Against-The-Flow’s Ideas, And The Rest Of The Blogosphere Who Defies The Society’s Stupidity

10/31/2013 8:36:16 PM

"Readers can rant whatever they want, but they can never understand a writer's mind."

“You hate us? The fuck we care!”


Here’s the thing. I have been observing this cycle for the past four years—2 1/2 of them for been much active in the blogging scene. At the same time, this habit also serves as a reflection on what kind of society we are: a judgmental, superficial, but a lazy and STUPID. Yes, I meant to highlight that capitalized shit.

Why did I say so? Well, as long as I hate to sound like I’m a damn elitist, but people tend to abuse their freedom of expression and exposing their ignorance and stupidity at the same time.
I tend to wonder if that could really break the ideology of one of those speakers I personally heard during a blogging summit. He infused these words: “Even if you speak a lot, there’s no guarantee that you are heard.”

No need for proofs here. All you need to do is to browse on some Facebook pages which showcase various blog entries like Definitely Filipino.

I was thinking: Can we blame social media for this? I mean, since the population of Facebook users racked up, so does the population of those bastards, too!

At one point, I remember people who expressed some kind of over-reactions whether the article or post:
- comprised themes involving controversies, or "against-the-flow" (i.e., anti-romantic, sexual exploitation).

- It has a title that seemingly “says-it-all.”

- The topics are all about religion or politics.
If you'll ask me about selected various experiences? No to worry, I’ll give you a few to recall. Like at one instance, when a recent work (which tackles about “copycat segments”) of my friend in Definitely Filipino went viral but got nothing but a bunch of no-brainer’s “bias” remarks.

It’s like obviously, you did not understand everything that he wrote. Plus it wasn't considered a straight news article at all (because if it does, they why words like “OPINION” and “COMMENTARY” was placed there in the first place, right?).

Same thing with the piec made by one of my friends in that community blog site that deals with sexual assaults. It’s funny how people judge somebody for being a “whore” without knowing the story behind that. Yeah, so funny that I am laughing at their indolence up to this day.

I used my own shares of being conspired and misinterpreted, too. And it happened when I wrote my ranting that tackled my hatred on the over-commercialization of Valentines’ Day, as well as about the excessive Public Display of Affection (which people seemed like I hate PDA at all. They forgot the word “over”). How stupid, right?

One of recent works of the popular Lourd de Veyra in his blog THIS IS A CRAZY PLANETS was furiously bashed by people, who failed to recognize that it was a satire. That’s what gonna happens if you react first before you read everything; or if you just scanned that shit.

The good side, though, is that it captured everyone’s attention. That’s if you’re just an attention-seeker. However, it still remained senseless. Yes, nothing but BULLSHIT, air-head, or no-brainer, or even “poor man’s” word.

That’s what gonna happens when people tend to utilize their ignorance, emotions and even illogical tactics very very wisely. Of course, their excuse will always be “U MAD?” or “Why so serious?”;  a very stupid way to retort.

And mind you, folks; they’re even more populated if you will browse various news portals like Yahoo! (or their showbiz site – OMG!), Rappler, or showbiz items like LionHearTV and the like.
Some of the comments can be really rude and could get totally out of hand – as if they were the customer and they were always right (hey, fuck that motherfucking logic, by the way). Yes, even if they don’t understand the whole thing.

I don’t care if they call me “Mr. Patola” for this matter (and don’t you dare to berate “for goddamn sakes, why do you have to stoop down on their level?”). They should be given their own taste of medicine. We can’t afford to let this type of people grew up in numbers. We can’t be abused and rely them all on our own respective Superior being. It’s like one of those old codes of Hammurabi saying: “Fight fire with fire.”

Where’s diplomacy? Fuck that –  it was indeed the reason why we never realized our miscues and our failure to correct them. And includes the so-called “democracy.”

But of course, we should select on whom face should we slap – ‘cause if you’re going to mess up with somebody who types like a jejemon and can’t seemed to understand the proper usage of punctuation marks (like they’re if he really mean “their”) is a guaranteed total waste of time. And add some timing too – you can’t go make patol on them all the time, unless if it’s too much, of course.

What’s the point here? Before you hate, make sure you understand everything. And if you insist to stay in being a superficial fool, I had few words for you: keep on hating.

We should realize that readers may hate whatever we want to say. They may tell everything negative in their dismay. They may even bash us for some instances. But at the end of the day, unless they correct themselves and dig deeper, they can never (I repeat… NEVER EVER) understand what’s inside the writer’s mind. Their insights would not really matter to us, unless you ask for suggestions and criticisms.

It’s like somebody goes “I HATE YOU. YOU’RE WRITING SUCKS! BIAS!,” and you, on the other hand, were like, “You hate me? Okay. So the fuck I care.”

P.S.  Somebody unknown to me told this in person: “Hoy! English masyado to. Tagalugin mo nga. Nasa Pilipinas ka eh!” And my response with unintended humiliation “Eh gusto ko sa Ingles to sabihin eh. Walang basagan ng trip, Mr. Pathetic. Uso ang mag-translate, ‘wag kasing tatamad-tamad. Ipapangalandakan mo pa ang kabobohan mo e.”

Author: slickmaster | ©2013 september twenty-eight productions

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