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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Review: 10,000 Hours

1/25/2014 10:14:56 PM

Perhaps, people used to wonder why this thing is such a hit. How on earth have they managed to garner 14 awards at the Metropolitan Manila Film Festival (it could have been reduced if some other entries haven’t got a ‘snub’)?

How did they do so, considering that: first, it is not a ‘family movie;’ second, it seems a politically-themed one; and third, they are running on the middle or downside of its box office rankings?

Well, give the director Joyce Bernal and her team a huge bunch of amassing credit for coming up with this almost perfect action flick. Yes, I mean almost. They've got it when it comes to technicality and execution, though some scenes could have gone to its artistic level a bit higher.

There’s only a problem, some part of the cast could have done it more, and I am talking about acting here, which made the story’s complicated parts too complicated. Maybe because they focused on a lot of factors in its plot, which may not be bad, as long as the acting and some executor elements will manage to compliment or fill it.

Just like how Robin Padilla had done it his own right. But anyway, we can’t argue much. I have seen enough reason why did he earn the most coveted Best Actor award right there. His role as Senator Gabriel Molino Alcaraz will let you do the talking.

I think moreover the Senator Panfilo Lacson-liked story-line; 10000 Hours just presented how the society can be brutally harsh – in such a way that the typical mainstream shows can never ever deliver things right in front of your monitor.

On how can a fabricated evidence can be a triggering factor for you to be conspired. How twists can surprise you out of nowhere just like how the reporter Maya chased the main character on both scoop and hidden personal agendas. But I’d love it when she’s goofing off with some comic relief from her assistant (played by Ketchup Eusebio).

You can’t question Mylene Dizon, especially for her breakdown scene, which triggers Padilla in his wanting to return to the country despite the odds were firing against him.

How dirty politics can turn friends into foes. Or how much does a “truth” priced? It can even make it cheaper as long as you blow the whistle. How media can break your ass like the way Maya had done it?
All of these do exist on our society nowadays. Just like its ending. Full of nothing but harsh reality bites. Nonetheless, I commend everyone who worked there for bringing out the best movie in the MMFF for this season. Now if you’ll question me: could this pull the trigger for a comeback on the action movies in the country? I can never tell you.

 Unless somebody will do a ‘10000 hours’-like flick or even top them all.

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