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Friday, February 07, 2014

24 Things On My 2014 Bucketlist

2/7/2014 7:43:50 AM

I know, New Year is way too over now. It’s already the 37th day of the year as of this writing. But who cares? Everything changes anyway. We all have our plans whether it is the start, the ending or even just at the middle-part of our times.

But as 2014 goes by, I have a lot of things in my mind. Maybe, something that  I personally want to ponder on. And since I will be turning 24 for this year (and also, it’s my year if were talking about Chinese horoscope here), I have thought of doing this, at least for now.

Some things that I will might change or plan on. Though I have to admit, not everything that I will write here will happen exactly the way I wanted it. Not all 24 items that I am posting here will be guaranteed.
But anyway, here it goes. 24 things I am going to do in 2014.

1.       Keep writing. I know… I have been more active on the blogosphere for like close to 20 straight months. Since then, I earned respect from the people whom I looked up for most of the time before. I was recognized. That gave me a feeling of fulfillment; something that money can’t buy. At some point, maybe it was my calling to write, to author a personal blog, to be the top contributor of one of the biggest Filipino-content blog site. And not to mention, I posted 359 entries for the year 2013. Maybe I’ll be slowing down in terms of numerical value of postings, but it doesn’t matter anyway. A writer doesn’t stops until he exhausted all of his blood. (I know, it may be quite deeper. But just try to reflect on it anyway

2.       Keep the faith. I have to admit – the way I saw the Church at present is totally not the same the way I used to perceive them a few years ago. I am not part of the parish’s youth ministry anymore. I may not took part of any of Church’s celebration, or even the way they stand on the current issues. And one thing I will take back though, is to pray for the Lord up there at least for every single available time. I know, I’m a busy guy, but praying can only use some few minutes or even seconds of your time anyway. And believe me – even if I am not a very religious guy. Aside from hard work and optimistic mind set, a prayer can be another thing you need for some time.

3.       Stay connected. Have I lost my social life? I don’t think so, but maybe I admit – that I don’t trust much people. Maybe because I used to be a victim of bullying before and despite having a very low self-esteem, something at the back of my mind is saying “hey, let’s beat those shits out of here.” Or maybe should I open myself on that part again, as long as I don’t stick with people I don’t like (and vice versa). Maybe I should start appreciating the ones whom trusted me the most; those ones who helped me realize my potential as a human being. I rarely talk, but sometimes, or maybe, that is something I need.

4.       Get a day job. Is freelancing a good one? If you can handle it very well, it is way better than being in a corporate world where everything there is one by passing through the eye of a needle. Having a day job, however, make me secured though. That’s if everything will be rolling on a good side. ‘Casue seriously speaking, the world is such a very harsh place right there, it took me like 19 months before I finally lured my first job, only for the company to closed out (due to whatever reasons) almost 9 months after. After that tenure, I’m back to being a bummer, get a part-time job that only lasted for a month, until I managed to score a freelance opportunity three months ago. Ain’t that a sweet one?

5.       Have my own laptop. Frankly speaking, I don’t need a cell phone, a digital camera or a tablet. If you ask me on what type gadget I wanted for now, it is computer. Seriously, nothing beats a computer, especially for a guy like me who used to be in front of the screen and keyboard for more than 15 hours a day. Just writing, conceptualizing, editing photographs, video editing, or even web page designs, you name it. And it’s not easy to blog when you don’t own a personal one.

6.       Travel more. Sometimes, I want to take a trip back to the memory lane where I managed to hit the Southern Tagalog islands – and to be exact, it was way back May 2012, when I hit Marinduque and Mindoro islands. It’s always nice to see some beautiful sightings, enjoying the night on the road, and everything goes.

7.       Stay in shape. Believe it or not, I used to do 60 sit-ups and 100 push-ups every single day, as well as running for like 5 kilometers once a week. And by the way, that was 4 years ago. Yes, when I was still a student. Despite being a thin-looking fella, it appeared like I’m a buff for that matter. It’s like when somebody wants to block my way, I’ll wrestle him out of it. And not to mention, I play hard-nosed basketball games for 4 straight hours in a weekly basis then. I don’t mind getting physical, I don’t even call foul when I was hit, but I am flying near the basket either for a shot, or for defensive purposes. Whew, things I barely missed doing. I need to get that back though.

8.       Manage. Discipline is the key, and apparently though, lacking for that thing is the primary reason why our entire nation is not progressing at will (‘blame the government’ your face). And for us to prosper, well, we must learn it on our own. And I’m not exempted. I lacked discipline too, so I guess this is something I need to focus on either. Budget, decisions, time management, you name it.

9.       Learn more. Look, some people may tagged me a “jack of all trades,” or for having a fat mind (‘matabang utak’ in Filipino), but even the geniuses of our generation is not guaranteed that they knew everything. They’re far different from somebody identified as Mister Know-it-all, and I don’t want that title anyway. I still have a lot to learn, from English grammar all the way to other housekeeping duties and other man stuff.
10.   Be more-opinionated. Maybe I lost this characteristic of mine. This is where I used to be recognized before. And due to several circumstances that made me unable to write on a frequent basis, I lost my sense of voicing my own word. I just can’t rant all the time.

11.   Defend. I’m talking about self-defense. Seriously speaking, I want to know some fighting styles and even wanted to train for mixed martial arts. Well, if permitted to do so, why not? Forget my left wrist injury.

12.   Revive the nightlife. When I was still in college, I only managed to hit a night out for like twice. I know… it’s kinda boring? Nah, what I mean is that it’s not just about hitting clubs, meeting people, or anything goes. I’m more looking for the entire term here. I’m more of an extrovert guy, and even if I had a job last year, this is one thing I regretted doing.

13.   Secure everything. On a deeper note, I lost several belongings, including my new phone (which is just a gift by my sister), though I managed to keep everything beside me, it’s not all the time that I can do the role of a security guard. Or maybe, should I keep myself alert and ready to fight.

14.   Have “inner peace.” Honestly speaking, we don’t need world peace. We can’t achieve that if in ourselves, we don’t have that kind of “peace of mind,” as well as “at peace” to other people close to us. However, it is our own self that matters the most. Keep doing good, remain nice (well, if you wish to, even if you look like a toughie), and keep the faith up there even if everything is against you.

15.   Save more on earnings. Shoot, this is another regret when I was still at office. I did not manage to save money. Though right now, I’m on the verge of doing that, I just wish I can sustain this though.

16.   Stay tough-but-also stay nice. This is what my personality describes the most. Weird as it seems? Yeah, but it appeared that I’m more of a tough now than being nice. And I don’t blame Suplado Tips there. I’d rather stay this way anyway.

17.   Think positive. Since hooking up with the likes of Chinkee Tan, I tried to changed my mindset. Good thing it worked though I has yet to make it more habitual.

18.   Create more good thoughts. I know, I was more recognized for posting very hard and harsh tirades about all angles of the story as well as all walks of life. But let me reiterate that for you – just because I rant doesn’t mean I am angry against the world; and just because I do some kind of such write-ups does not mean I am totally a negative thinker or I can only see the bad. However though, we can’t whine at all times. I always wanted to see the brighter side of life especially if I put down my pen or my computer, and smile on the happiest things one can ever witness for every single day.

19.   Take a risk. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes (but better learn from it though). Study things before doing so though, and keep focusing more on the best side if you want to really do so.

20.   Run in a 10k race again. I have done this last December, only to realize that… hey, it’s been a while. I felt my spirit was freed, and I never thought I could actually do that. I want to do it for some time again.

21.   Eat more. Always my new year’s resolution. And true enough, I really eat a lot. However, I’m not getting any fatter.

22.   Fix yourself. Since we all have flaws, better fix it. But if we had done good things, still fix it – by learning to love it.

23.   Keep moving forward. Life has only one direction: forward; and everything changes. Let’s be open to that.

24.   The list continues. Something I can never tell you here though, aside from having a very long post, well, like I said in the earlier part – I can never achieve them all in an instant. However, I cannot depend my upcoming actions on this post alone.

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2014 september twenty-eight productions

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  1. Natawa ko sa #13 on being a security guard, on a serious note, maybe because I know what happened back there. But situations can change and you've got to be still and be hopeful that it will happen. Oops, it already happened and in favor to you. :) Goodluck on those 24.


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