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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just My Opinion: The 2014 NBA All-Star Game

2/20/2014 7:20:21 PM

Perhaps, here’s something that I am doing for the second straight year: my take on the NBA All-Star Game.
Wait a second; have you noticed that during the past few years, three of the host cities in the mid-2000s were the same ones who got a chance to host another All-star weekend event?

If you hadn’t... well, I did. First, it was Los Angeles (2004 and 2011), then Houston (2006 and 2012), and now... New Orleans (2008 and 2014).

But anyway, fast-forward to the game itself. It was a contest full of free-flowing offense, with the ball is flying everywhere (say, I liked the new design, eh?) and points are racking up the scoreboard, resulting into previous records shattered by this year’s edition alone.

Talk about KD and Blake’s 38 points apiece, eh? They tied Rick Barry for the all-time 4th placer in the mid-season exhibition.

Wait, Kobe did not play the game yet again. And it seems for the third time he did not participated at the All-Star contest, his team lost. So, is there any evident factor regarding his presence on the court? Hmmm.... Well, he played 3 minutes during '08 and was scoreless on a 134-128 triumph.

However, the East may have won the contest, but I think it just proved out that LeBron does not need to win the MVP accolade just for the conference’s victory – their 37th, in fact.

Is sophomore superstar Damian Lillard earned signs of fatigue following his participation on five (I repeat, FIVE) All-star events, including the main dish? Maybe not. At least, he got the distinction to be part of the best in the wild, wild Western conference.

KD should have earn the prestigious accolade, until Kyrie Irving stole the spotlight from the fab four faves: Durantula, Bron, Melo and Blake.

Well, I think he deserved it though, considering not just on his scoring barrage alone, but the plays he made to complete and 18-point rally to dictate the game’s fate by 8. This guy has 31 pints and 14 assists, perfect for a point guard, though I believe Steve Nash still has an edge over him when it comes to 3-point shooting.

But hey, time flies, and like I said a week ago, who knows, when the Big Easy will host the NBA’s annual mid-season break once again, new youngsters might take place again. And the vets are gone to nowhere.

The irony though, LeBron was with Cleveland when he won the plum. Now, Irving is another Cavs member who achieved the feat. Wow, signs of coincidence?

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