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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Rundown Slam: WWE Royal Rumble 2014

2/21/2014 10:35:39 PM

Before we hit the WWE’s Elimination Chamber this coming Sunday evening in Minnesota, let’s take a look-back in the past month’s edition of Royal Rumble.

So there’s a new tag team champs in the New Age Outlaws, eh? Like their attitude is showing up after their first cameo comeback in Old School Raw episode held on the very first Monday of 2014.

Nah, is this serving like a return of a 14-year comeback from Road Dogg and Billy Gunn? I can never tell.

Daniel Bryan will seem to have a long way in terms of his storyline of rivalling the Wyatt Family’s head Bray. The story never ends after joining the creepy buzzards in such a very bizarre moment on the very last Raw episode of 2013. And I think more bizarre rivals will be putted into plots as long as the Wyatt family continues its horrendous domination, including WWE World Heavyweight top contender John Cena.

Speaking of which, do you think Cena did really lost that battle? If some sort of distractions like that is kinda ‘illegal,’ then it appears it’s another ‘cheap way out’ for the champion of champions Randy Orton. But hey, that’s what’s best for business. Sorry, folks!

Brock Lesnar is so unmerciful, it’s like everyone will nto give a shit to cross his driveway or else, either you’ll earn a broken arm, or you’ll need to hide as he will throw some kind of 20 vicious steel chair shots. I swear if the Big Show did have a good fighting condition there, Lesnar will appear like another piece of crap, and just the same way as Show threw him out of the canvas. But too bad, the referee was even helpless. How crap is that, right?

Okay, and how about Royal Rumble? I can only tell one thing: Batista may had a perfect comeback, but certainly Roman Reigns should earn that victory. Can you imagine this long-hair muscleman from the always-heel crew named SHIELD would top almost near-half of the entire Rumbling roster during the match? This guy threw 12 people away – 1 more than Kane’s previous record 13 years ago.

The irony though is that the Animal has threw the Mexican Alberto del Rio is a nonsense manner. It’s just like the Mexican did not even put up a fight. Let’s see as the feud continues in the next few weeks this coming Wrestlemania season.

But still, Reigns deserves to headline Wrestlemania. Looks like this Samoan kid will earn a much better solo career, only if he will oust himself from the so-called ‘Hounds of Justice.’ I mean, seriously. He had a lot of whatever it takes to be a more than just an average WWE superstar. I may don’t like that group, but I believe this guy has that high kind of potential.

But overall, is that all? What a disappointment for the night. Even Mick Foley dissed the WWE for that matter.

Again, how crap was that?

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