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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Talk About Juan's Art

2/5/2014 5:44:59 PM

Meanwhile, let’s talk about art. No, it’s not just my opinion for art’s sake like the way I did on August 2011. What I mean is… this!

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Well, you wonder “for earth’s sake, slickmaster, is that what you call art?”

I’ll tell you, “Yes, it is! Definitely!” And I should recommend you to check this guy’s artworks.

Meet Kenneth Montegrande, a toughie-looking passionate fella who deals as both PR and artist in his recent years. Not to mention, he got that swagger more than any jejemons in the city.

His works had been part of the exhibits around the metropolis in the recent months, with his own solo shows that went successful much to anyone’s delight.

I personally met the fella through of my blogger friends at that City State Tower Hotel in Ermita, Manila last week. And aside from his attempt to beautify Rizal Park (not to mention, the bridge along the archipelago), he has done an excellent job so far in lifting the image of Luneta, whose been badly bruised during that Manila hostage bus crisis 3 years ago.

Aside from being the spokesperson and publicist job, he paints, and he is a family man (yes, you might ended up having you saliva dropping like a waterfall when you see his wifey). And despite having his works looking totally-abstract on the outside, there’s always a story and a title on the deeper perspective. So deep, you can find several objects as if you are watching a “Hidden Mickey” segment.

Anyway, why do I’ll recommend you to see his works? ‘Cause he’s up for a cause, and I am talking about “JUAN HeART, 1 NATION: Art for a Cause,” his present exhibition, perfectly timed in pre-Valentine era of 2014.

The showcase actually started last Monday. And about portion of the funds earned from his artworks will be going to aid the victims of typhoons Agaton and as well as super Yolanda.

It’s amusing to see his artworks, and you can even get more than the worth of it as the City State Tower Hotel offers an all-expense paid one-night stay package plus free breakfast.
Well, what more can you lose?

I would highly recommend you to check out JUAN’s art exhbiti entitled “JUAN HeART, 1 NATION” right there, right now!

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