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Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

2/1/2014 10:16:14 AM

I used to wonder before about this movie’s screenplay as I have seen its trailer, plus the awards they garnered at the Academy Awards. And it seems that really convinced me to watch the flick entitled “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

That time though it’s like these ‘desperate measures’ are haunting me as TWOWS was only available to the Metropolitan’s selected cinemas, especially with the advent of 47 Ronin, Bride for Rent, and some surviving MMFF entries routing the movie houses to make sales.

Wait a second. What the hell is this ‘wolf of wall street?’

A movie based on Jordan Belfort’s true accounts, with Terence Winter doing the translation from page to screen, and Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece in both direction and producing aspects, with the latter division includes Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland, Emma Tilingger Koskoff, and the actor himself Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yes, true story about Belfort luring a working chore in the stockbroker industry, and how we went richer and even beyond his’ and anyone’s expectations.

How money played his mind, take over his life in totality, how he made other people believe that like him… they can be successful in the same line, how drugs can be good until it is abused, and everything has a price to pay.

Plus, the fact that the word that spells f-u-c-k has been pronounced for numerous times (so numerous you can’t even list that on your calendar sheets) regardless if it past tense (fucked), present (fucking, fucks) or even future (will fuck, shall fuck).

Well, I could have said “fuck this movie” for that matter though.

Well, this movie seemed to have a resemblance of reality bites in present. Let’s face it. Some businesses around the world used to do the same business as Belfort’s, and they are really rolling calling for the sake of earning in the expense of somebody else’s stocks… well, unless if it’s legal.

Is this thing called comedy? Maybe, on their (moviemaker’s) part; but I’ll call it the serious one. I mean, yeah, serious comedy. Cause you don’t see many comical moments on most parts of the movie. It’s like you can count on your fingers how many times you have laughed on this flick. The upside though is that those were also the times they had done an exceptional good job.

The only problem we got here though is some scenes on their R-16 version really suck. The cut was obviously made, as if it was rushed in editing chores. And as a watcher who can be more critical when it comes to the technicalities of camera and digital usage (well, just sometimes), it sucks. Or on the other side, could it be the movie house suffered some flaws in their player considering that TWOWS is the first movie to be distributed in digitalized form. Hmmm…

Well, I can’t say anything about DiCaprio. No wonder why he got the best actor, plus earning $10 million for this. The others did well on their acting as well. Though I wonder, in 185 minutes of playtime, have I really seen enough? It may be quite too long for a typical movie which only ruins for mostly 90-120 minutes, but seriously, the near-ending part seems to screw me up. Or maybe that made me think how on earth did he managed to get out of prison and talk on sales technique yet again since before the last sequence, it seems that he still rolls on prison?

Nah, maybe I should read the shit soon. Fucking good flick, eh?

The verdict: 8.3

Author: slickmaster | © 2014 september twenty-eight productions

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