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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feisty Returns

‎03/‎08/‎2014 08:31:12 AM

I wrote a piece similar to this a few months ago, only to have my cellphone get stolen. It's just good thing that I managed to recall the words there.

It's been three months since these two guys announced their return. And now, the universe is pounding on them as 'heels.'

It was during late December when both Brock Lesnar and Batista announced their comeback to the World Wrestling Entertainment, with the former preferring to do so in a much lesser hype, and much even distorted direction (he was also rumored to return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship). He first slated hat during the very last WWE Monday program of 2013.

But hell yeah, the duo of grappler Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman had done so in an Old School Raw episode and threw a much even feisty shot against Mark Henry. So feisty, Brock broke Mark's shoulder. Until Big Show confronted the brutal guy and threw him like a crapping log.

It was at the Royal Rumble though when he avenged the humiliating moment with about 20 vicious steel chair shots. The problem though is that the Beast incarnate turned out to be some kind of literally, a beast. I mean something that is totally out of hand. The sports entertainment promotion fined him $10 grand, but come on, it's just like another cheap penny stock right there.

Plus, he is so disappointed his manager Paul Heyman said he did not earn a shot to confront the WWE-world titlist at Wrestlemania on April (but who gives a shit to bag that bragging right on him anyway). But anyway, he still earns a blockbuster match against the returning Undertaker (wait a sec; now that seems to be creepy).

Let's move to the Animal's side. Yes, he returned. He confronted the champ of champion named Randy Orton. But after thwarting the emerging Roman Reigns out of the WWE's over the top rope battle, seems everyone at disbelief.

It seems it hurts the most considering this: heels like Alberto Del Rio Dolph Ziggler, and Orton himself have been feuding with Batista for over two months, and these typical 'heels' turned their roles around in the eyes of the fans. Two of these three wrestlers are usually earned boos and jeers from the WWE universe.
Now, it's a different tide.

Dave though is trying to unleash that attitude towards the fans. The problem though is that as Triple H brought his old friends back to the company, we are facing different taste and perceptions. Attitude era was killed by the PG one (which the credit goes to those so-called 'concerned parent groups' to which I retaliated and rebutted "why on earth would you give a chance to watch your children such a violent sporting activity like wrestling anyway?")

The question though is that will these guys can really bring that 'attitude' back? We'll never know but it's really a very tough one to contest.

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