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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life Minus The Suit And Tie

2/22/2014 12:37:25 PM

Wait a minute, let me clarify this: it’s not about the Jay-Z and JT’s collaboration, huh?
I have to admit. I am not a fan of this one thing I’ll be calling as the ‘corporate world.’

Well, if you asked me why, don’t worry. I’ll tell you more about it.

Look, for over 23 years of existence, more particularly the last three years and six months of my life so far, I got used to wear a suit and tie (well, at least) for seldom times.

Why? ‘Cause I need to. I’m looking for a job obviously.

At first, I even wonder ‘why the hell would I need this?’ Considering I used to only do wear long sleeved polo as part of my having a fashion sense, partnered with my skinny denims, chucks, and of course, my favourite apparel in life – shades.

But seriously? I don’t know why. I can even recalled being dressed too formally only to get soaked on sweating heat at that MRT station in Cubao (gah, for all inferno-like places in the metro, I swear… this one’s the most fiery-felt of them all). And get haggard when I faced an employer on an interview. Shame on my ass.

It cost me a job, my composure and more importantly, my health.

I used to believe in the saying “life is not wearing suit and tie at all times,” considering one the happiest things in life are done… naked! (nah, I’m only kidding)

But look, being a corporate is a class, but so was being casual, right? Yeah, but the former is more formal than the latter.

If we’re talking about get-ups here, I shunned away from doing ghetto like stuff to a simpler, street-styled one. Though I still wear some shirts a bit larger than the usual of my size with shorts as an accompaniment; hey, at least that was classier hip-hop than those who were caps like it’s just floating in their hairdo.

But corporate requires us more, aiming to be tough, yet pleasing-looked bunch of people in this planet. Class is something we can never get in the internet (believe me, I tried). 

And I hope ‘pleasing’ is only a personality, not an attitude, ‘coz let’s face it: we can never please everyone. We can only serve them (which I recall from the inspirational-themed books).

Well, maybe I should get that kind of persona. But I have to absorb this little by little or else, it appears like I’m trying hard.

Well, it’s really tough as guys who used to wear that should maintain their composure and manage to drive a car. Hey, wait a sec. I prefer walking more considering the idea that vehicle are more populous than civilized motorists and pedestrian this country has right now. Come to think the Metro traffic do is really a suck-up.
And earning a bunch of rejections can never be really good to your mental health. Ouch.

But as a saying goes, so is the flow in our life. If we have to deal with it, we have to adapt it. You can be a multi-personality peep anyway if you still had the nuts to break it.

Hmmm… oh well, maybe just another self-talk on my part. A piece of advise to myself, in fact.

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