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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Scoring Bombs

‎03/‎08/‎2014 7:53:40 AM

Here's what we can describe to the week that was in the basketball world: bunch of scoring barrages (at least for the nth time).

First, we'll highlight this huge scoring efforts from Charlotte's big man Al Jefferson. He had a 38-point, 19-rebound performance against the Miami Heat. Now, clearly, he is on the verge of breaking out again anytime soon, which is good. Well, the Bobcats really needed that, considering they will have a winning run sooner or later.

And he followed it up with another surprise performance of 34 points and a much surprising win over the East leader Indiana Pacers. Yes, they may lead the conference, but they were on a losing streak either.

After his 54 points some few weeks ago, Kevin Durant fired another huge contest again. 42 points. In a team where offense comes in flurry variety of ways, KD's numbers aren't really surprising. But the idea where he's doing it more recent, and with other players stepping up, he's just the typical standout out there. The performance even overshadowed a quick triple double by point guard Russell Westbrook. Say, the 0 guy can already had more assists as his partner scorer can really nail buckets like that.

How does it feel if you are the opposing team and then, they played with aggressive on you? Though nothing deeper on its intention, it seems to be that way. Look at this statistic: 52 free throws made out of their 64 attempts in the game. The credit actually goes to the Minnesota Timberwolves for their physical play which prompted their opponent the Denver Nuggets to foul them for almost every single time. The final result is 134-128 in favor of Kevin Love's crew. He and Kevin Martin were accountable for near-half of the entire franchise's free throws during the said contest. The duo even dominated the free throw aspect over the Nuggets itself. WOW.

And come to think that it seems to be rare to notice we can only witness the scoreboard racking 126 and above that way. The typical highest we used to see was just around 125 as the highest.

Phoenix Suns' Gerald Green just had a breakout game of his NBA career too. How about the guy scoring his personal high 41 points or an array of trey bombs and tomahawks? Some kind of nasty, eh?

And finally, how about this? A career high for LeBron James for scoring perfromance since the time he was at the Cleveland Cavaliers? It was also a franchise record. His 61 points oveshadowed Glen Rice's feat in the 90s and Bron's 56 (or 57) points of his won during his first eight seasons with then the hyped-driven Cavs. It just came short of the 62 points Carmelo Anthony scored a few months ago though.  The irony is that both came at the expense of one team: the Charlotte Bobcats. Well, maybe a pure coincidence anyway.

Well, can they blame the first week of March for having individual skyrocketing scoring performaces? Well, you can't. Face it. At some point in the basketball history, it was during the econd day of March in the year 1962 when the Big Dipper did the unthinkable on that era: scoring 100 points. He had 31 of them during the fourth quarter to finish as the only player in the association to score triple digits in a single game. How about that? He had 69 in the game, and Kobe Bryant came close to that mark during the times where he was still wearing jersey number 8.

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