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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Fitting Tribute

‎03/‎09/‎2014 08:56:37 PM

For the last two weeks, we saw this: two members of the '96 NBA draft class went on to get honored on their respective teams.

First, here's "the answer." Yes, Allen Iverson was a hell of scorer during his days with the Philadelphia 76ers. The 6-footer point guard managed to make big time plays in the association.

He even dunked the ball more than those guards who stand an inch (or two or even three) taller more than him.

I used to remember playing those earlier NBA Live series (I think from 2001 to 2005), when I handled the 76ers crew and let this guy score from outside and in.

But heck, the way he scored more points, the more hype he received during his era. So high, it allowed Kobe Bryant to work under the radar en route to his own version of stardom.

This one-time MVP has several on-court issues, specifically during his time with Coach Larry Brown. Too bad, I hoped he will win a title after his finals debut in 2001.

But never the less, aside from Jason Williams, here's a pro baller who can screw everyone and send them to school with his crossover skills. Yes, even Michael Jordan was once his shake-and-bake victim.

Here's the video showing his retirement ceremony slated a month ago in a game against the visiting Washington Wizards at the Wells Fargo Center situated in the city of brotherly love.

Say, don't you just love the boat the company has given to him? Damn nice.

Now, moving on, here's another franchise player in the East (like Iverson to his 76ers playing days) by the name of the Lithuianian Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

The 7-foot-3 center was the 20th overall pick in the same year as Iverson, Bryant and Marcus Camby’s. In such case, despite his white skin, I can tell he was the “dark horse” of them all.

Z went on to become the top franchise guy in the Cavaliers' history. Like AI, he had several achievements. The difference though is that his foot injuries nearly killed his NBA career. He had a huge comeback in the early 2000s and from there, Z stood tall despite the emergence of another giant named Yao Ming.

Plus, being a sidekick to the young highflying LeBron James, the Cavs made a huge turnaround from being a total mediocre to a perennial contender. But from a playoff regular, they were also tagged as chokers either.

In spite of everything,  Z has been steady on being under the radar. He retired on 2011 after being a teammate to his friend LeBron in Miami Heat when they both failed to anchor Wade's team to a promised championship.

But heck, I also used the Cavs team to any NBA Live games before; and I can even let this guy can nail a trey (yes, considering that this guy's part of those European-type of centers and forwards whose shooting from inside and out despite their height).

Before I leave, here is Z's retirement ceremony clip.

Whoa. That was a long run for both players. Much respect to them.

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