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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The iBlog10 Experience (Part 2)

4/9/2014 10:43:02 AM

There are so many memories and learning from Day 1. I know, the question from your mind goes: hey slick, how about the second?

Well, that is something I am gonna tell you for today. No need to worry, alright?

Aside from the almost the same routine as I did on Friday, I dropped by at the Vibal booth once again for much curiosity – in regards to that publishing e-book thingy. Seriously, I seem convinced on that project, and it turned my interest anew in writing (‘coz a few days back I am not just suffering a writer’s block, but also a quarter life crisis-like scenarios).

Well, I just hope I need to hit the right guys and improve from there (‘coz seriously, it seems I am not).

Anyway, moving on… sports blogger Ivan Saldajeno was in the house; and he spoke about the rise of sports bloggers in the Philippines.

Now that is something I can mostly relate into considering that yours truly actually started in this venture by putting my takes on several marquee match-ups in the National Basketball Association. But that was five years ago, though.

Afterwards, Jason Bagio hit the podium and spoke about the goodness of link-building.

After the break, Bien Nillos also told us about why other professionals, such as the ones from the medical field, should go blog. From there, business-minded peeps took over as speakers Genesis Reonico, Sonnie Santos, and Vanj Padilla engaged the participants in discussing about the bloggers as entrepreneurs.

As the afternoon session rolls, all eyes and camera lens were on Mr. Howie Severino as the Kapuso reporter took the spotlight and tackled the future of journalism, as well as how does blogging gets involved into it.

After Severino, it was Lace Llarena’s turn to discuss the impact of Crowdsourcing and Social Media on Business.While outside the hall, bloggers including yours truly took chances in photo ops and even interviewing the now-EIC of GMA News Online.

Then, Christian Blanquera introduced us into a new world named “startups.”

From there, Cebu-native Ruben Licera Jr presented the state of blogging in the countryside; with more emphasis to the central Philippines.

Then there’s nothing but good laugh while you’re learning around with Atty. JJ Disini when he spoke about the internet regulation. I think he just made the issue lighter considering it was quite very heavy to talk about with the advent of those blog-threatening provisions of the Cybercrime Law.

Last, but not the least, the Digital Filipino lady herself was on the podium where she tackled the 20 years of existence of the internet in the Philippines, and answers the questions relating to the future of blogging.

Well, Janette’s talk reminds me of my own thoughts on where the blogging will go from here (aside from hoping there’s an 11th Philippine Blogging Summit next year). And perhaps, that is something I will deal with you guys next time.

Anyway, what's an iBlog without a raffle segment? Here are several people who won the prizes. 

I knew that I talk less this time around, but anyway… here are my other thoughts from the second summit day.

·         Good links are hard to find. You just can’t expect that to be found easily on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engines. It’s like finding a good kind of car, better quality of Wrestlemania video to download, best rap song made by any local underground artist, or even finding a relationship partner – you will definitely have to exert effort to find the best things.

·         Sports will be the best thing on the planet. Of course, I’m bias. Nah, seriously, since most of the blogs comprised entertainment and political items, it’s high time to see more of them covering the emerging popularity of UFC, volleyball leagues, and as well as the always-skyrocketing NBA and other basketball associations.

·         Bloggers will be the new bunch of journalists; and whether you agree or not, they will be. In fact, some self-proclaimed news websites can actually fool you if you would only learn to read between the lines.

·         Cyber issues can never take down blogging. This is the philosophy where I really believe, and all you need to do though is two things: know your boundaries, and fight for a much-deserving right. In fact, there are more provisions which the blogosphere peeps will have to protest about. Though let’s face the fact  that it’s gonna be a long journey ahead.

·         The future is bright. No question about it.

I think that’s all for me for the iBlog10, folks! Looking forward to the 11th summit which might happen on… okay, I have no idea if that might took place soon (or at least, when).

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  1. I think I'm also interested with the e-book publishing thing-y since I also want to publish my own books. :-) How does the process work? Hehe. Overall, it was a nice event. Hopefully, next year I can attend both days na. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think you have to create a PDF file manuscript with you and send it to them (either thru e-mail, I think). Indeed that as a very nice event.


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