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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The iBlog10 Experience (Part 1)

4/8/2014 8:36:03 PM

It was like ten months in the making. And in fact, they just celebrated their ten years in this venture. And when they formally announced the event, I was one of the people who were more excited. Yes, frankly speaking, I was really looking forward for the 10th Philippine Blogging Summit.

I wasted no time in deciding (since being too patient is not really part of my personality at all): I immediately signed my name there, and bet my money that I could not really afford to miss this big thing in blogging (nah, just kidding on the latter part).

It was Friday morning, around 8:20 in the morning when I finally entered the hallway of the Malcolm Hall inside the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines in Quezon City. It was quite a lovely sight on a bright, sunny morning; and Kid Rock’s “Celebrate” is playing on my mind (the 2012 track apparently went on to become the main theme of the WWE’s 30th edition of WrestleMania). 

Then, I hurriedly went to the registration booth and wasted no chance to pick my very viewing spot (you know where it means).

The first people who talked on the iBlog10 were Mrs. Noem Lardizabal-Dado and Mr. Carlo Ople, for the topic “Bloggers as New Media personalities.” 

Though Dado, known as the @momblogger on Twitter, spoke best on her advocacy-in relation to the talk which includes EpalWatch, I learned a lot more on Ople’s part (and I’m not saying this just because I was part of the guy’s social network for I think about four years). What the hell I am talking about? See photo below.

Yes, if you want to be a damn good fella in the new media, just simply follow his five steps.

And… oh, it was the only time I met Mr. Ople in the flesh.

After the first hiatus, Jinoe Gavan, Azrael Coladilla and When In Manila’s main man Vince Golangco spoke in regards to Bulding Communities Through Blogging.

They all have respective yet similar points in the topic though. I’m gonna let my captured photographs do the talking this time around.

Though Golango’s “10 Steps To Create A Writing Portfolio” really caught my attention. Yes, and why wouldn’t anyone since we used to read those Thought Catalog-like posts anyway (i.e. top 10 things about blah blah blah).

What are those? Simple: #1 – Start Writing; and #s 2 to 10 – Keep on Writing. I think Vince said it best with that hilarious meme on the wide screen.

During the lunch break, I managed to bump with the booth of Vibal Foundation, and found out they were now offering services of creating e-books for the indie authors like yours truly. Also, during the two-day event, they had three promos. 

I has yet to listen to their presentation later that day though.

After their afternoon talk, several personalities such as Grace Bondad Nicolas, Jonel Uy, Boris Joaquin, and Fitz Villafuerte on F199 Jobs spoke about the side of Bloggers as the Digital Marketers. Afterwards, it was Joeff Solas,  Mannix Pabalan, and Brad Geiser’s turn to hit the stage and tackle the Bloggers as Part of Internet Marketing and Advertising.

But I admire Geiser’s style in delivering his talk though.

Since then, Tonyo Cruz and Francis Acero spoke about what are the capabilities of bloggers in shaping your own personal opinion and national advocacies.

And before the day ends, I also managed to drop by at the GMA News’ booth, where they are raffling several prizes, including a Samsung Galaxy Note. However, I managed to score an 8GB USB. Not bad!
Now, after an ‘information overload’ Friday, what are my other thoughts for iBlog10? I can tell you a few of them, like:

·         Don’t write just to be the most-Googled site. Who cares if you’re the most searchable site if everything you have there is just a mere piece of crap? SEO can really help you, but there’s more to life than digging most of your blogging life on that aspect; as more people from the blogosphere will slap you with these truthful words: “Content is still the king.”

·         Content still matters the most. This is where people will recognize you; and at the same time, the marketers are really after. No one of them will give a shit on your catchy name or design. You know what I’m saying? MESSAGE, dudes: And another thing:

·         Being viral won’t make you famous. It’s just a number. Popularity is just a title; and a real talk tip for you: both items (viral and popular) are just temporary. It won’t last a long run. It’s like asking: “who cares if you got a thousand page views when in fact all you have right there is nothing but (I’ll say it again) a mere piece of crap?”

Well, the only exception to this rule: that’s if you are making money through this venture (I mean, for real). Otherwise, better yet…

·         Go for good. I mean, create a good post – something that people is really worth reading at all; and something that will really sell in a long run.

·         “Stand up for something of your own.” At the modern times, your blog is your own voice. This is where you are stating and entitling your own opinion the most. This is also the venue where your principle in life lies. So, you better know your worth.

·         Find the right guys. Especially if we’re talking about creating or joining a community group in the online shores.

You just can’t blend with the other type of people just to say “Hey, I’m part of this (name) group!” (believe me, I tried). And I’m pretty much sure there will be a lot of peeps out there who has the same interests and niches like you do.

·         Take care. It actually sounds sweet, right? But I am more pertaining to your blog – the brand that you own right now. You should also take care of your readers. And also…

·         Show up. This applies for bloggers who used to attend the events but did not managed to put up a single blog post about them.

You know, you have been trusted to write something about them in return, regardless of whatever time period it might took you. I’ll quote an article I read from a blog entitled Knowing Ropes: If invited by a PR in an event, they are hopeful that you’ll blog about them. If you won’t, then better not go.”

·         Stay consistent. Just keep on creating a post. Don’t settle for viral alone. Write something that your readers can relate.

Anyway, next on the list will be the part two of my #iBlog10 experience. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can check out the entire album containing other images I took during the Day 1 of the 10th Philippine Blogging Summit in my Facebook page

Author: slickmaster | © 2014 september twenty-eight productions


  1. What is it like writing just for Google? Isn't writing supposed to be for readers or for the writers to express themselves?

    1. It is for the readers, supposedly. SEO and other related terms are just secondary.

  2. Hey!

    Thanks for sharing this. I was only able to attend the afternoon session of the second day. Reading this post made me feel like I was part of the first day too. Haha!

    Nice observations you have here. And I agree with you. It is my second time to attend a blogging summit like this and they always push for "great content, marketing and advocacy" as pillars of a great blog.

    See you in iblog 11! :-)

  3. Thank you for mentioning Knowing Ropes! :D Thanks for sharing your thoughts on iblog10. It's a great help for newbie bloggers like me. Hope I get to meet you on iblog 11. :)


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