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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Thrilling Finish

09/05/2014 12:54:32 AM

There are five first round match-ups that culminated into game 7 on the NBA playoffs recently.

Well, what’s new? Definitely, a lot!

Before we give an upper hand in everything, check out their game stories in these sets of videos posted by

Like I told you, a lot of things went new here. It’s the first time that majority of the series went on to a very close-contested playoff contention series. The last time we saw a game 7 was last year, and it was only the game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls.

And the highest number of the first round game 7s in a single year round was only two.

So, it was like a huge massive turnaround, eh?

Supposedly, Houston would contest Portland to a Game 7, but not until Damian Lillard fired a trey bomb that exploded in front of their home floor. Talk about perfect "nailing" play, huh?

The question though is… could we possibly see another set of sudden death finishes in the second round? Honestly speaking, how I wish that will happen. But since everything is down to eight teams and four clashes, things would just get more intense, even if dwindled by number.

Who knows? We might foresee things up? Or if not in the second round, how about both conference and league finals|?

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