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Friday, June 20, 2014

Flick Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

6/8/2014 11:44:43 AM

Just a short post for now. My apologies in advance.

It’s only during my childhood days when I saw X-Men. And (yes) it was one of those cartoon series I used to watch at Channel 2 (or 9), aside from the Simpsons, Disney Adventures (on channel 7), Hanna Barbera-produced shorts (9), and even Yaiba (5).

But now, I know I’m quite too late for this, but it was the first time I watched a movie installment of X-Men. All I know way back then was Hugh Jackman seemed to be the reel and real main star of the Marvel series since he appeared on several editions including his very own “Wolverine” flick last year (Unfortunately, I was then-jobless which made me unable to see this film at all). Plus, he promoted it on a WWE Raw episode alongside wrestlers DolphZiggler and Damien Sandow, who dressed as “Magneto.”

Now, I got a chance to watch this motion picture a few weeks ago, and no wonder why it was called Days of Future Past. It was simply because the entire film was a ‘time machine’—they rolled from the future era backwards, and attempted to change the pace of their history that eventually went successful. Professor X was aging than ever, but Wolverine came back to those days where the guy known as “Xavier” was not even handicapped. And so was Magneto, by the way.

I can’t prejudge this movie to its previous editions yet (since it’s only the first time I saw an X-Men flick at all; so looks like I have a huge “catch-up” task to do, eh?), but I can’t argue even more – it’s good, just like a lot of X-Men fans said. Awesome complex twists and plot. It seems there was no predictability on who the main culprit is nor what’s the main issue (or maybe I have to review the synopsis even more), but that’s alright. Maybe that made me think.

Though all I can say more is that a lesson-like statement—“Any decision or action you will make upon today, will definitely reflect on what you will become tomorrow.” Yes, it will dictate your fate and history.

The verdict: 7 

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  1. It's an exciting promise of things to come, while also feeling like its own thing entirely. Good review.


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