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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Rundown Slam: WWE Battleground 2014

7/29/2014 3:40:50 AM

After John Cena successfully climbed the ladder to ascension, he’s up for a new challenge: and that is defending his 15th world title in a gruelling four-way clash. With perhaps the interesting here are something I can only describe in two things: another competitor on the rise by the name of Roman Reigns and an avenging heel in Randy Orton.

Oh, sorry, I forgot about Kane. But heck, I don’t even know why he should be in that match, aside from being an authority’s pet. Are we just seeing the fact that the WWE has been lacking talent for top legitimate title-shot villains? Come on, there are lot out there in the roster. I even dare to say that Bray Wyatt could stand a chance, or even Alberto Del Rio despite being underrated.

But hey, Bray just battled the returning Chris Jericho, aye? And that puts another feather in the cap for the Wyatt patriarch despite his loss to the wall-breaker known as Y2J, as the match was considered one of the best during the evening. Not to mention, the ex-Husky Harris bannered the entire offering through their promos (try to spot that on YouTube and locally, at the Facebook pages).

Speaking of best match, how about the kick-off show featuring the Usos and the Wyatt family’s Erick Rowan and Luke Harper? They battled in three sets, wherein the tag team champs retained their title after a comeback by winning two pinfalls. But their third set was nothing but spectacular showmanship between them.

Yes, give the credit to Jimmy and Jey for the win. But overall, Luke and Erick had done their part either. Awesome match that it could even topped their showing last Money in the Bank.

Okay, since we've got high points here, I’m afraid I've got some bad news either: first, the Ambrose-Rollins feud was a total buster; and second, how on fucking earth did the Miz won the Intercontinental title?

Former SHIELD members collide anew, but not in the squared circle. Instead, it happened outside: to be exact, in an interview, just somewhere in the arena, and in the parking lot. But heck, it seriously did not live to their expectations. I just thought, would they slug each other out inSummer Slam? We believe so. Yes, please?

I could have thought Dolph Ziggler had it. He deserves a title shot for that matter. And Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and Cesaro were sensational as always. Maybe, the bottom rope done its magic for the so-called moneymaker. But heck, how on earth could you out-wrestle this ex-Cleveland (and self-proclaimed Hollywood) native if he doesn't want to his his face? Let's be fucking real here: if you're his foe, I know and you know that the first thing you'd like to nail was obviously, his temple.

Rusev and Jack Swagger was another blockbuster shit that turned to be another disappointment in the end, not because the ex-Bulgarian brute remains victorious, but due to some unconvincing fashion. He won by count-out, which is definitely a bust; plus the mic session wasn’t always making sense recently in their part. Forget Lana’s hotness but what on earth can she say much aside from ranting about her displeasure to the Americans. Their plot seemed to be interesting with the advent of the crashing of Malaysian Arilines, but seriously and either way, it doesn’t really fared up well considering that Zeb Colter was already slapped in the face before he utter some words.

Divas championship was just somehow an average, though it turned to be somewhat a sporty kind.

The verdict: top three cards of the evening:
Usos-Wyatts (9.6), Fatal 4-Way (8.5) Y2J vs. Bray (8.1)

Overall: 6.9/10
Before I leave, another match between the Usos and the Wyatt Family seems to guarantee their spot as the top performers of the year. Bet my money on that, fellas!

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  1. The match between Swagger and Rusev happened to soon. They didn't want Swagger to do the job, but they couldn't derail Rusev's momentum. Would've made more sense somewhere in the future when Rusev has established his dominance. We'll get a convincing finish then. Te only way to fix this is if Swagger gets time off from 'injury' and comes back in the future to settle it a more ripe time.

    The Dean Ambrose - Seth Rollins was a lousy cop out. They're obviously saving that match for Summer Slam. Couldn't there have been a better way out?

    The Fatal Fourway result could be smelled a mile away. This is the thing with ppv's near the four major ppv's - sometimes they're like a segue to the big thing.

    The matches were good though. The Usos vs the Wyatt tag team was awesome and stood above most matches.


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