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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Playback: It's On Again

06/27/14 12:33:49 PM

I don't know why it took me  some two months to appreciate this track. I know, Kendrick Lamar's the new face of current mainstream rap music (you can't call him God since he's too young, and Eminem still ruled that world at all), and Alicia Keys we have in this 2014 soundtrack was not the same dudette you listened on 2013 (with that high-belting song “Girl on Fire”), nor even during the past decade where she sounded like that vintage Motown music.

But this? Heck, one good collaboration at all.

Buy why it took me two months? Why only now, slickmaster?

Well, maybe 'coz way back then, I'm still glued to Kid Rock and Kongos. Plus I haven't seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at all. Ouch.

Maybe, if not for the vocals from both Lamar and Keys (and wait a sec—Lamar's 30-seconds like-cameo wasn't that easy to recite at all), scorer Hans Zimmer and producer Pharell Williams had done a great job of implementing the rhythm and beats. Yeah, beats me.

As I spotted in the music video, they're acting like one heck of a music-maker. No wonder why Zimmer landed a job for Spider-Man's OST; and why Williams won the producer of the year award for Grammy s as well.

Alright, better turn up the tide on. Yes, it's on again, folks.

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