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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spoiler Storyline

7/19/2014 11:56:11 AM

As I looked forward to the Battleground, I saw this video circulated over the internet.

And aside from that, Amazon just published the poster. And other sites followed suit.

Now it’s time to join that kind of bandwagon though. Well, just to put my takes on this potential championship match.

Yes, Brock Lesnar will be returning for SummerSlam, and his next target is John Cena. Say, that makes me wonder though, I thought when Lesnar returned anew to WWE earlier this year, he wasn’t going to settle score.

Hey, it doesn’t looked one anyway. It’s been two years since Lesnar faced the Cenation leader in the Extreme Rules match in 2012 wherein the West Newbury native withstand the pain and aggression brought by the multi-sport personality on him.

And I think, the Cena-Lesnar feud triggered another storyline which is better known as the “Triple H versus Brock Lesnar” story (you know those arm-breaking scuffles by the Minneapolis, Minnesota native on the WWE COO, as well as Shawn Michaels, and even a bone-splintering F5 on Vince MacMahon). It was a personified feud that exceed the extremities to the extent they slugged each other again in a No Hold Barred Match on WrestleMania 29, and at the Steel Cage Match of the 2013 Extreme Rules.

After their tale, Lesnar has been feuding with others, with one notable includes CM Punk, after Punk turned his back over the Hustler.

But since his return to the canvas for the nth time, I thought he’s up for the championship which was then-held by Randy Orton. Instead is immediate off-the-squared-circle target was Mark Henry, and instead viciously had a melee with the Big Show at the Royal Rumble. However, though the ex-UFC heavyweight champ shown totality over them, the portrayal turned out to be a bust.

Plus, I think he just gone dismayed for not earning a title shot.

But again, his name made it to the households after defeating the Undertaker and his epic 21-year winning WM run. It was indeed a loss that shocked the world, whether they’re old school fans or just plain newbies.
Since taking some hiatus, the Paul Heyman guy turned out to be Cesaro. Now, when he’s back, the question: will the five-languaged wrestler still remain for the heel manager, or would it be the other way around? Looks like a new twist may possibly unveil.

Plus, it was supposed to be Daniel Byran whom will face the Beast Incarnate. But due to injury, the Authority stripped his title. But on a second, dirtier, mind-run, it looked like they just passed the platter to the Cenation leader.

However again, what if Roman Reigns spoiled the plotlines by taking that title? Looks like it’s a heavyweight shit at all! The problem though is that even if Reigns, a former member of the SHIELD, is a legitimate juggernaut, looks like he will have a long way to grasp over that arm-breaking dude. It’s like, if Reigns was a “major pain” (with no intentions to take the title away from Eric Menk per se), Lesnar was more than that—he’s a goddamn nerve-wracking beast, like the way he used to advocate when he returned to WWE: return legitimacy.

But let’s go back to the supposed-to-be storyline. Looks like another one-sided affair will be on SummerSlam again.

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