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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Rundown Slam: WWE SummerSlam 2014

8/19/2014 4:41:28 PM

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It’s the 27th annual summer tradition in the pro wrestling world once again, as the World Wrestling Entertainment staged their sixth straight (and final of the stretch) SummerSlam at Los Angeles Sunday evening (Monday morning Manila time).

A nine-card pay-per-view event was said to be the best so far in 2014, according to several fans and observers. Well, I beg to disagree even though I gave a high rating for this one, too. If you wanna know why, let me tell you the story as you go along with this post.

The pre-show kickoff match (which was only shown to both live audience and through WWE network) was a major low point. Rob Van Damn vs. Cesaro seemed to be just another late addition, but it did not show any promises at all. Sure, they had a short-lived rivalry when Cesaro was still a Paul Heyman guy.

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However, it did not really mattered at all. They have not figured out each other to work well since then, even if Cesaro left the heel manager. RVD won his second SummerSlam match; while Cesaro, previously a standout before WWE saw Roman Reigns’ skyrocketing potential, has been on a downward spiral.

Maybe if they could have set a tag team match, that could go way better. And that’s another low point, actually. The Usos did not have a fight on SummerSlam for the championship, considering they awed us on their duel with the Wyatt Family on Payback (as supporting cast to John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt last man standing match), as well as title-staked bouts on Money in the Bank and Battleground.

However, even if we did not saw any tag team action (particularly, the Usos), it doesn’t mean we did not have any particulars for the Match of the Night. In fact, I can give you three. /

Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship is actually one and I’ll give credit to the Show Off guy for literally showing off his greatness to the grandest stage of the summer. And finally, somebody managed to knock the moneymaker’s face—in some grandest fashion. Forget Miz’s partner whose somehow was hot. A lot of celebrities were actually part of the attendance (it’s Hollywood, of course!).

Next on the schedule were Paige vs. AJ Lee for the Divas championship; Say, did that really happened too early? Heck, they gave more hype to Steph-vs.Brie match than giving these two young lads a main eventer-like match. It appeared like they are jobbers for a while, like what happened to both RVD and Cesaro. /
Nonetheless, looks like the heel character worked well for the former NXT women’s champ as Paige denied AJ Lee’s chance to extend her second title reign. Remember the night after WrestleMania where the English woman surprised the New Jersey-based all-time longest reigning Diva’s Champ.

Next, the flag match. At first, we were wondering, what the Helen of Tory is that? Using flags a la bunches of Pogo o Kendal sticks? Heck, no. Turns out, the battle was for the nation’s pride. Just like what we Filipinos used to receive everytime we have a Manny Pacquiao fight (even if reality-wise, they’re professional and after their living). At the end, Rusev continued his early dominance. Perhaps, it’s another step forward for the former NXT dominant force. As for Jack Swagger, it’s another disappointment on his WWE story.
Overall, the match was kinda boring though. It’s like we’re sick of seeing this rivalry at all since it never prosper the way it should be. Yes, Rusev had a huge weakness exposed despite his bulkiness in size. But it didn’t matter at all. What’s next?
Chris Jericho lost to Bray Wyatt in some kind of predictable fashion. Look, Y2J is about to leave WWE by September 21. And on the other end, Bray got that much-needed win. And to be frank, he’d done it in convincing fashion—without the help of his wingmen Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Maybe another huge victory mark for the patriarch at all.

Seriously, he seemed different here compared to his other matches, huh?

It’s been a while since we last witnessed a lumberjack match; and it’s on against two former SHIELD members Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. I’ll say this was the match of the night. Yes, the best one, considering lot of WWE superstars were at ringside to make sure neither the Lunatic Fringe nor the Mr. Money in the Bank will be running away. Though even of course, Seth Rollins won the fight without his signature Curb Stomp, the hype really lived up to itself. Maybe we’ll expect more on this feud in the upcoming weeks.

What a match!

Next on line was the anticipated comeback of Stephanie McMahon in the squared circle after 11 years, and she was challenged by the ‘returning’ Brie Bella. Triple H and Nikki Bella also made cameo appearances somewhere during the match.

Bleacher Report /

And turns out that Nikki turned back on her sister this time. Perhaps, it was due to conspiracy theories that the Authority has been implicated on her in the past since Brie left WWE in Payback (and include the sounding slap right there). She fed up with her sister, and that could be another twist to fix at the rebel-maker’s end.

Heck, I wonder: Stephanie looked like Chyna right there, and too bad they did not made an issue out of it.

Roman Reigns versus Randy Orton; and perhaps another challenge we did not really expect to happen at all. Let’s face it: in the first place, we all root for RR going up against Triple H at SummerSlam, don’t we? But it turns out, RKO issued that instead and the much-awaited feud between HHH and RR? It might take place at the Night of Champions in September 21. /
But nonetheless, the match seemed a bit good for a supporting main-event. Many people would find that boring. Well, I beg to disagree this time. These boys just worked on each other after all of this time. And to be frank, Roman just solidified himself and proved he’s more than just a five-moves superstar. And moreover, an overrated guy at all. Though some moments of the match can be really be dull.

I admire their counters, specifically, Orton. How on earth can you pull those tricks again? But it takes a spear, however, to close the the end of the game, people should fear the spear and believe that! Another best match of the night for me.

To close out the SummerSlam, I beg to disagree again. Is this the blockbuster match of the summer? Are you serious, people? Maybe because the name and hype was there; but seriously speaking, it turned out to be another piece of one-sided beatdown affair! Forget Cena’s accomplishment and endorsements, forget Lesnar’s evolution. At the end of the day, Brock Lesnar was not just a bouncer-like, ass-kicking son of a bitch, who liked to throw everyone out of his way.

He was indeed, the beast incarnate! He’s the most dangerous and at the same time, most dominant force to reckon in WWE since his return in 2012. In fact, he lost only twice in his PPV bouts upon his second resurgence, and ironically, one of them is against Cena at the Extreme Rules. Since then, he rolled on series of wins, and two of them on SummerSlam: he made an emphatic break on Triple H’s arm in 2012, and he defeated another Paul Heyman talent CM Punk in 2013.

Fast forward though, it’s a whole different ball game now. After the pin fall and the ring count, his 16 suplexes (Oh my goodness. Are you kidding me, it's like I only had 15 in German count. Jeez!) and his two thunderous F5s (one at the start and another in the finish) earned him the prized distinction — the WWE world heavyweight championship. Take note, he did not even use Kimura lock right there. Yes, he just showed what a champ should act in the canvas. However, despite those vicious suplex, that ain’t really a merciless thing at all.

Now, how the WWE would fare up to this Next big Thing, who withstood any plotlines and defied rocket science by just crushing John Cena inch by inch? We can never know.

Screengrab from Sky Sports / Facebook
At the end of the day, SummerSlam showed what the WWE can offer to us. If you ask me if this was the best pay-per-view event in the recent years?; My answer is a resounding NO, but maybe the best PPV after WrestleMania 30.

Matches of the evening:
Lumberjack Match (Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose) – 8.8
Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns – 8.5
IC Title (Dolph Ziggler vs. the Miz) – 8.4

Other ratings:
Divas Title Match (Paige vs.AJ Lee) – 6.9
Flag Match (Rusev vs. Jack Swagger) – 5.5
Y2J vs. Wyatt (Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt) – 6.5
Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella – 7.7
WWE WHC Title Match (Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena) – 7.2

The verdict: 8.1/10

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions


  1. The main event was a big shocker! With Lesnar, dominating about 90% (I'd even put it at 95%), I thought it was going to "ho-hum... Cena's coming back in the last 2 seconds to win, ye idjits", but it didn't. It was all Lesnar. I've never seen such a squash match in a title match. I'm just babbling here, but what else am I to say?

    I guess, the question is: Where are they heading with this? Are they setting Brock up for Daniel Bryan's return? Just saw this this afternoon and it felt like Christmas arrived to early this year for me.

    1. talks are going that there will be Cena vs. Lesnar 2 in the Night of Champions this Sept. 21. Me and my wrestling fan-friends were also tackling: what would Cena do? He did not have a game plan SS. He literally sucked out there. Are we seeing Lesnar's first successful WWE WHC title defense? Or Cena will avenge and potentially, set up a trilogy. Coem to think that Brock was showing a bit of mercy unlike what he saw in the hype video. And I'm talking about his destructive signature named Kimura lock.

  2. I have no basis on my guesses. I was actually thinking that maybe he'll be set up for Daniel Bryan at first - which goes without saying depends on his physical condition.

    Since you put it that it'll be Cena vs Brock 2, it'll be unpredictable. Cena wins for a trilogy would be good of course. If Cena loses one more time, it'll be too much of a slump for him - unless, it's planned that he's taking a time out (after receiving a Kimura). The only Cena loss fans can stomach would be a dirty finish.

    Was not able to comment on the Usos. Although I'm not much of a fan, I enjoyed their previous matches and I agree that it's quite a shame that they got benched on this major ppv.

    I also had no idea what that flag match was supposed to be. I thought it would be hoisted on the poles/ ladder and who ever got their own flag wins. I wasn't counting on them using them like Singapore canes, haha! The loss pushes Swagger further down. Although, he didn't tap out, I don't think it achieved Austin's no tap from Bret Hart - which I thought was what they were going for.

    Brie didn't do well in the match. The fans rooted for Stephanie and chanted "You still got it!" I found myself chanting the same thing in my head. I missed Steph, I guess. Hehe.The double-cross should have solved that glitch.

    The matches were all good, in my opinion. Too bad, the Usos weren't there.

    1. That dirty finish will happen if CENA will unleash his badass side.

      I agree, The Usos could have solidify SummerSlam even more. I can sense, though, that heels will emerge victorious is the next PPVs, and that actually includes SS.


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