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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Pre-Take: WWE SummerSlam 2014

8/17/2014 3:57:27 PM

So, since I just put my hands on which side will prevail on John Cena and Brock Lesnar feud for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, might as well give my take on the upcoming pay-per-view itself, SummerSlam!

Yes, the next biggest pay-per-view offering after Wrestlemania.

Blockbuster cards are expected to pile up patrons inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the sixth straight time. However, some fans have been sickening of SummerSlam considering the outcome last year.

Nah, I might foresee another “shades of SS ’13” here in case.

First, and not in chronological order, in the flag match: there’s a chance where Rusev will have his domination stopped by a Real American named Jack Swagger. Rusev’s series of weakness have been exposed by the former champ Swagger. He only managed to escape Swagger’s... well, swag.

Cageside Seats
But if things will work out the other way, he’s a force to reckon despite his time. But how about LANA wanting to pit the Russian brute to the Beast Incarnate? Watch your words, young foxy lady, if Rusev's dangerous, Brock's even beyond dangerous.

Chris Jericho, who by the way, fronted Fozzy and sang the event’s main anthem “Lights Go Out” (heck, better than Sunshine shit), might lose his match against Bray Wyatt before taking hiatus. Yes, despite Erick Rowan and Luke Harper banned from ringside. There’s a chance that once an official was accidentally knocked off, interference will occur, and there the Bray’s wingmen will show up and beat the hell out of Y2J, and presto, switch back to reality again.
Or, there’s a chance that if Jericho wins, a similar scenario might take place. Somebody needs to break it up, though, like a vengeful portion of this fight. An answer to the locker room assault at RAW some few weeks ago.

Cageside Seats

Dolph Ziggler and the Miz for the IC title. I’m personally rooting for the Show Off guy for this. However, there’s a chance that Miz would still bag the Inter-Continental home, as long as his face would never be hit. But hey, if DZ wins, that’s much better.

Next: Paige vs. AJ Lee for the Diva’s title, and one of the two women’s matches of the night. However, the saddest part of this? It’s less publicized. Forget the Frenemies’ tweets on Twitter and segments on RAW? They’re not the biggest thing in women’s wrestling at present. It’s Steph and Brie’s time, and I hate it.
However, I am still seeing AJ Lee would prevail for the title. Paige needs to work even more on her Anti-Diva character even more. She’s better after upsetting AJ to snatch the title away after WM30. But since then, she had sills, she had the pretty face. But the potential level’s not there. She’s better as a heel than a face. But we wanted more than just mocking her walk. Believe me, she’s the next big thing in the female category, but it will definitely take some time though.

Photo credits: Devianart/
Talk about Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose in a ‘lumberjack match.’ Say, this should be the match of night if properly executed. They’re the hottest altercating buddies in the WWE right now. Nothing can be more destructive and detrimental than this, at least, except for the physical aspect (which would still give to the main card). There’s a chance that Dean would win this big time. However, if Seth outworked his former ally, expect something later on).

Speaking of which...

Brie Bella is on her biggest battle of her career against the boss of the company, Stephanie McMahon. How about that? Perhaps the biggest question is that can Steph still wrestle after 11 years? Maybe, and we’ll never know she can outhustle the one-half of the Bella twins.

Screengrab from YouTube
Still, if Brie wins, that’s a huge mark in this Authority vs. Rebellion days, considering Stephanie and her crew’s power-tripping move in the past.
Now, the question is can Roman Reigns can overtake a huge hump. Look, he managed to pin Evolution’s Batista and Triple H. But what about Randy Orton, who claimed he’s on his ruthless state? For almost all the times, Orton has been RKOd him even if his crew (oh, sorry, former faction) The SHIELD prevailed. Just like the way Punk has been tormenting the SHIELD but came up short every time (try to take a trip back: Punk managed to outduel both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, but not on Reigns).

A must-win for the Juggernaut would bring him more legitimacy as the next big thing in the WWE. He really needed on for another push, and make him more than just being an overrated persona who can only unleash five moves in a very usual typical fight.

Speaking of big thing... can Brock Lesnar bring home the bacon? Can John Cena prevail? 

See the post titled The Pre-Take: Champ vs. Beast.

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