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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Rundown Slam: WWE NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way

9/15/2014 8:38:33 PM

This is the first time I’m going to have a say about the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) NXT third annual special titled NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way.

Just about four months ago in the same titled event, Adrian Neville went successful in his title defense against Tyson Kidd. The gorgeous star Tyler Breeze also emerged as the top contender after defeating Sami Zayn. Plus, Charlotte won the vacant Women’s champion in a battle of generation superstars against Natalya; and the Ascension continued to reign supreme in their tag team duel.

Fast forward to September 11, at the same venue, the Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. The developmental brand is up for a two-hour package.

The Ascension was simply ousted in convincing fashion-yet-highly intensified match against the luchadors Kalisto and Sin Cara. Perhaps, only rare (if not NO ONE) did saw it coming. Sin Cara’s experience actually helped him win his first title with the WWE, or years after he was once considered to be the top ranks for the world title.

The question: did Ascension really put up a fight? I think so, but it’s clear that the highflyers get the best of them all.

There are some several lopsided matches, err, squashes though, such as the nasty finish by Baron Corbin against C.J. Parker. Forget the environment, kid. You’re in the match, and a Goliath just demolished you in just 30 seconds. I’ll tackle the other squash later.

The most entertaining match in terms of stipulation belongs to Enzo Amore and Sylvester Lefort. Why did I say so? How about the loser of the match will also lose his hair afterwards? And it’s not just the typical shaving or barber system that we used to noticed during that Vince McMahon vs. Donald Trump fight, huh? One of them actually had a can of hair-removing cram. Hohoho! You've got to love the aftermath. Well, supposedly.

But, wait. It did not really end well. Enzo may have beaten Sylvester, but the latter did not have his hair cut either. Instead, his partner Marcus Louis suffered the consequences. So lesson learned: if you’re dealing with a hair-versus-hair match, never join a party. Or else, you’re hairdo days will be gone like dead.

Midway through the program, new NXT general manager William Regal formally welcomed the Japanese wrestling superstar Kenta to the NXT. And as the typical debut segment rolls on, there will be always room for “interference.” And I can sense one thing’s for sure here: Kenta, now named as Hideo Itami, will face the Ascension soon. You’ve got to love the Asian swagger this guy has.
Remember, he once faced other WWE superstars such as Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan before. So let’s hope this Japanese grappler was the next big thing aside from the previous NXT grads such as the members of the Shield, Wyatt Family, and even individuals Bryan, Cesaro, Bo Dallas, Rusev, and Wade Barrett. I am actually seeing Cesaro’s path in him. Talk about international flavor, eh?

Okay, here’s another squash: Bull Dempsey just crashed Mojo Rawley. Their feud, which heated up even after a tag team contention loss, came to an end. At the end of the clash, the New Yorker took only 70 seconds to steamroll over the hot prospect. Wait, is Mojo a footballer? Who cares anyway? You’re facing a Rusev-liked beast. (Yes, I’m still wondering? They have similar looks anyway. Haha!)

Charlotte is already set, and her predictions after the first Takeover came to life: she, indeed, faced Bayley for the Women’s title. However, the match was not really that hyped at all if you compare that to Charlotte-vs.-Natalya.

So, if some of the preliminary cards don’t really please you, well, the main event should be otherwise. And turns out, it was merely a fantastic match to date. At the early stages, Tyson Kidd really worked well as a hell, demolishing every single opponent of his way. And during the stretch, NXT titlist Adrian Neville was always tossed out of the ring.

But then, Sami Zayn came to life with a highlight of his own. He sent Neville to the crowd, the unleashed that helluva kick to Kidd, and turn everyone spiral with that tornado DDT over Breeze. In fact, he almost had his chances at the near-end stages of the game.

And so was Tyler Breeze. The vanity-driven wrestler threw an array of ferocious kicks against the three at one point of the match. Beauty shots, as they call them. At random moment, he stole the spotlight over Zayn to pin Neville, but the latter kicked out. He then tried to pin the floored Kidd but the latter also kicked out, sending the former to mount his frustrations.

Neville then unleashed the running point, after pulling the referee outside to save the match. Perhaps it was the controversial move. Others would say it might be a sign of a hell turn for the Englishman. Still, the red arrow just hit the bull’s-eye, and presto, Neville retains the title!

Wow. What more can I say, other than what a great performance by these four men? Seriously, it’s a fantastic match; something that only major PPVs can equalize.

Overall, I can only reiterate that NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way is a goddamn awesome offering!

The verdict: 8.4/10

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions

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