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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just My Opinion: On Gatecrashing and Blog Politics

9/7/2014 12:18:14 PM

As much as I don’t want to tackle this type of issue (since blogging about events is something I rarely do), however, as a member of the blogosphere for half-a-decade, I have to be concern too.

Blog politics was never a new thing. In fact, at every aspect of our respective lives, that dirty word (and world) do really exists; whether it’s at school, office, virtual and even on our home.

And so was at the blogging industry.

I’ve been hearing stories from one of the top showbiz bloggers, claiming that some tabloid practitioners running their irate on the entertainment bloggers like him.

Just few weeks ago, the head of a Filipino community-based bloggers became a target subject of some of our colleagues. That guy (which I’m afraid I won’t do the name dropping out of respect and fair judgment) was lambasted for gate-crashing on events, allegedly harassing some personnel on certain Public Relation (PR) firms, and even telling “journalists are imitating bloggers.”

Some report even claims ‘scamming,’ and putting up an awarding ceremony for ‘the most respected blogger.’

Okay, as we all know, the mentioned earlier were obviously mortal sins on anyone. And that’s supposedly end of story for me. Plain and simple, as supposed.

However, I hate to think of this statement: “JOURNALIST ARE IMITATING BLOGGERS.”

Yes, I am really expressing my disagreement on this one. ‘Cause despite everything that legitimate journalists have their own respective blog sites, and they are doing it in their own personal manner, I don’t think “imitating” is the proper word. And that just made me sick.

Anyway, as I posted these words on my Facebook pages earlier, one blog-o-politics issue after another.

I spotted this guy either THRICE: at the launch of Ellen's Aesthetics in Malate Manila (01/30/2014), the 10th Philippine Blogging Summit  at UP Malcolm Theater (04/01-02/2014), and at the Pagpupugay event held Independence Day (06/12/2014) at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. Had a brief chat and same remarks din ang naku as well as the bloggers/marketing personnel.

(Though still I won’t drop the name nor upload a photo of him. We still have Cybercrime Law, remember?)

After all this bunches of stories, I can only come up with sets of lessons to ALL OF US. 

If you're not invited, THEN DON'T THE FUCK GO. As simple as that.

Another, if you're not a blogger in the first place (as much as I want to say "If you're NOT ONE OF US," I'm afraid that sounds over-arrogant. LOL!) man, don't pretend to be one. 

If you only blog because of the perks, FORGET IT. There are more perks in life than to attend a blogging event which is obviously, not your line. Don't be a lootbag for damn sakes!

And in case you are really a legitimate one, got REALLY a call to join or REALLY ACCEPTED, please be straight: If you can't blog them at all, tell them right between their eyes.

Otherwise, DON'T ATTEND at all. 

I am pretty sure of this: hindi lang nag-iisa ang mga lootbag blogger. Yung iba nga, invited eh. Magsasabing magsusulat sila ukol dun. Pero guess what? Pustahan, NGANGA yung mga taga-PR na tumingin sas ite nya after 2 or 3 weeks.

Still, this should DEFINITELY be stopped sooner or later.

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