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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Roar of the Filipino Crowd

9/16/2014 10:04:19 PM

(No intention to imitate the title WWE NXT theme per se)

Since the 2014 FIBA World Cup was already over, might as well give my brief take on this one.

It’s not surprising that the Unites States reigned supreme once again at the tournament. What can we expect? These guys threw their opponents away by at least 20 points per game!

Perhaps there are more surprising events than that, which I can relay few: like France just pulled a huge upset over host country Spain.

Australia allegedly intends to lose their remaining contest in avoidance to face USA.  Yes, what the hell, right? These people did not send you to Spain to intentionally lose their games in the first place.

And perhaps the biggest surprise of the World Cup is the Philippines’ appearance—and the immeasurable crowd. 

Forget their 21st ranking at the finish. (Who cares? We’re just starting to make waves anyway since it’s been like 36 years when he joined the World Championships, and four decades since we actually won a FIBA World contest!)

What am I talking about? After a Spanish fan won the Most Valuable Fan honor, the International Basketball Federation recognized the unwavering support by the Philippine crowd for the National team Gilas Pilipinas. This 50-seconder says it all.

I know: a FIBA World Cup is never a FIBA World Cup without their top 10 plays of the week; and for this year's edition (though unattached here in this post), one Filipino guard by the name of Gabe Norwood carved his way to the top 10 by serving a fastbreak facial on Luis Scola during the RP vs Argentina contest.

Wow, talk about “Pinoy Pride” at the basketball world, huh?

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