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Monday, October 27, 2014

Hell's Coming...

10/27/2014 08:50:02 AM

Looks like this year's Hell in a Cell would literally haunt everyone this coming Halloween season, eh? Take a look on this: double main event featuring the decade-long rivalry between John Cena and Randy Orton and the newcomers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

As much as I want to tackle other cards, I found most of them boring, especially with the clash of the Bellas earning me these words: funny stipulation, yet stupid match in the making. However, whatever the turnout may be, I had a fat chance to be proved wrong and that's okay anyway.

Since I can't make much comment on all but two of the scheduled fights, I'll go with the main cards:

Orton versus Cena, looks like a never-ending clash yet it's only rare would see this fight rekindles like shit. They last battled each other big-time on Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match last December where Orton won and thus formally unifying both the WWE and the World Heavyweight championship belts.

But they have been going at it for years albeit on an inconsistent basis, since both actually shifted gears, with Orton, after WrestleMania when he lost to Daniel Bryan, gone dealing on his ego before bowing out to the Shield, specifically Roman Reigns. Cena, on the other end, chased the newcomer yet monstrous Bray Wyatt on WM30, Extreme Rules and Payback, before avenging his title losses by climbing up the WWE title in the Money in the Bank. However, after 16 German suplexes and an overall lopsided beatdown, Cena lost to the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. He could almost snatch the title from Lesnar only if Rollins did not interfere. Thus, controversial result occurred: Cena won the match via disqualification, but Lesnar still retained the championship as a championship-staked battle requires to win by either two things: pinfall or submission.

Is Orton needed a much push? I can only see a possible face turn for him, but not heel for Cena. (I doubt that will happen anyway)

On the other hand, Ambrose versus Rollins; the clash of the former Shield members. They had done it on SummerSlam; perhaps it came on a much better timing than their abrupted duel at Battleground. They almost had it on Night of Champions but again, I think it would be another buster if that;s the case. Cause in case they worked against each other at the previous Night of Champions, chances are they would lose the essence of their fight come Hell in a Cell.

But the question: could the lunatic fringe complete his chase for Mr. Money in the Bank? Or will the latter prevail anew to solidify his status as the “Future of the WWE?”

Well, whichever goes, one thing;s for sure: this rivalry will go on like solar flares.

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