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Sunday, October 26, 2014

RKO Outta Nowhere!

10/26/2014 11:52:47 AM

As much as I wanna stay away from writing any posts from wrestling (since I’m just a plain fanboy and I will not consider myself a smark neither a ‘mark’), I can’t help it... again. Well, I have yet to give my pre-take for WWE’s Hell in a Cell this evening (Monday morning Manila time) though this move has already gained mainstream attention. Well, I’m not really pertaining to mainstream media delivering this news (i.e. “Randy Orton influences the world with his RKO),” but moreover...

RKO memes are flying everywhere.

And allegedly, other sporting leagues are already donning the deed, like these two.

So when the last time was the World Wrestling Entertainment stole the spotlight? When the Ultimate Warrior passed away? When Brock Lesnar broke the untouchable streak by the Undertaker?
I have no idea at all.

What’s with this RKO though?

RKO (not theRadio-Keith-Orpheum Pictures) is Randy Orton’s signature finisher in all of his wrestling contests. It’s a one-hand variation jumping cutter, and sometimes used from an elevated position, or even a counter to a midair opponent.

That’s, of course, aside from his real name Randall Keith Orton.

But seeing this recent episode of RAW, where Randy Orton RKOs both John Cena and Paul Heyman, shocked fans over Kansas City and Twitter.

Are we seeing another evolution or re-evolution of this third generation superstar, whose been dwindling big-time on PPVs?

Maybe. But just when we thought it was Orton’s evening of dissing the Kansas City Kings and unleashing RKOs to two of the WWE’s top present characters, another one just spoiled the party.

Question: can Orton pull the trigger of his time by beating John Cena and confronting Brock Lesnar in (possibly) Survivor Series? “Cause that actually might happen; and in case Orton managed to pull a stealer over the Beast Incarnate, I’m seeing a possibility of Mr. RKO winning the championship for a moment.

Yes, for a moment, because Seth Rollins might steal that via cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

So either way, Orton might have a face turn. THAT’S A BIG “IF” THOUGH.

Oh, wait! There are RKOs outta nowhere!

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