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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Playback: Marked

10/09/2014 01:35:38 PM

A friend of mine here in the workplace once asked me to critique this video.

It's a short video made by the Archdiocesan Commission on Youth (ACY) of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. Their premier actually titled Marked.

At first, I had doubts whether I am doing this or not considering one of the philosophies I adhere in life, both as a blogger and an expressionist in real life: don't make any statements or arguments when it comes to religion. Why did I say so? Well, do I need to explain more, ladies and gentlemen? Once you argue with somebody who has a “close faith” and mind you, the dialogue between the two of you will never stop even if the clock already made its full round turn.

But anyway, here's that three-and-a-half-minuter.

Okay, since you asked me for this... I’m not saying be careful what you wished for anyway, hahaha!

Three words: Message well-conveyed. Though of course there are some quirks spotted upon reviewing this presentation, like the over-joyful tone of the narrator at some lines (which I think can be really tolerable considering the purpose of your message). Some introductory clips may be quite long which I don't really mind much unless I realized they can't be Lav Diaz. (Though of course, putting these sequences in fast motion can do no good either.)

If there's something wrong with the script, I'll say minimal, albeit important: usage of language straight. Though on the other side, it would still appeal more as let's face it: we're in the era where people uses Taglish (combination of English and Tagalog languages) words even more than usual (but still, the more it minimizes, the better).

And perhaps the obvious here, is the transition from a voiceover narration into the character narration. It came quite fast, there should be allowable time or pause on passing it up more appropriately.

But relax, it's just their first episode. I'm sure they can do a lot better. Besides, they already showed their strength right here, as their theme on this short vid.

I admired the closing song though.

Yes, it's a must-watch for your enlightenment, folks.

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