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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Playback: Thryo feat. Ron Henley — Litrato

7/12/2014 11:48:31 AM

I have to admit: I never listened much on any local version of “slow jam” the rhythm and blues (rnb) way, and specifically, the romantic themed ones since I got used on my homies’ sets of Curse One, Breezy Boyz (yes, they were spelled that way; so don’t be an elite spelling Nazi) and Republikan tracks; until I randomly browsed my YouTube channel, and found this thing.

Yes, it was a collaboration track between Thyro and Stick Figgas’ Ron Henley. At first, I thought it was Henley’s track until I checked my copy of Ron’s EP and found it wasn’t there.

In case you don’t know Thyro, he was the man singing on the chorus of Abra’s “Gayuma,” the second verse of Shehyee’s “Suplado,” and had a lot of records and compositions, including last year’s Philpop Winner “Dati.”

He’s also part of Filp Records’ cast of stars including Sugar Sugar, Shehyee, DonnalynBartolome.

Well, after some while, I think we just heard some quality ballad. Yep, like those old RnB tracks we used to listen during late 90s and early 2000s.

The lyrics, which generally, tackles a man’s fascination and affection to a woman — may be nothing new when it comes to comparison, but heck, it just sounded well.

Well, it’s worth the playback. Maybe that’s all I can say.

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