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Sunday, October 19, 2014


8/23/2014 4:45:15 AM

Is racism very rampant in every aspect of our daily lives? Yes, and it even applies on the world of sports-entertainment. Perhaps, you can blame office (or in this case, backstage) politics on this.

Just a few months ago, the world was shocked in disbelief when the national Basketball Association (NBA) was put into the spotlight after raging discriminatory remarks from the Los Angeles Clippers’ ex-owner Donald Sterling, which led to his eventual ousting from his team of three decades.
Then there comes Alberto Del Rio’s firing from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Several combat sports beat outlet reports that Del Rio, or Alberto Rodriguez in real life, was ousted by the Connecticut-based promotion for being an “unsportsmanlike conduct to an employee.”

More insiders told in their scoop that Del Rio slapped WWE’s social media handler Cody Barbierri, and triggered a backstage melee, and eventually, his dishonorable departure. His last stipulation includes a 90-day non complete clause as per his contract with the WWE. However, it remains to be seen as Del Rio appeared on TripleMania, an event held Sunday (ironically, it’s the same day as the 26th edition of the WWE SummerSlam) of the Mexico’s wrestling company AAA.

Some members of the WWE universe said Del Rio deserved to be bitched out of WWE after nailing Barbierri with some kind of bitchslap. However, some insiders also tell that Del Rio made it out of racial derogatory mark that Cody allegedly made to the Mexican grappler. And hey, this is more than the on-air and on-canvas drama between bitches Brie Bella and The Billionaire Baroness Stephanie McMahon, huh?

Allegedly, Del Rio asked Barbierri to clean his plate. But the latter responded with a joke that says it was Del Rio’s task to do that. The aristocrat-characterized athlete asked for apology but Cody refused. That ignited the fuming wrestler to go even on fire against the employee as the statement was considered a racial derogatory mark against him and the entire Hispanic race.

Some reports also said Del Rio had issues with other WWE characters. However, so was Barbierri. And according to a Wrestling Edge post, Barbierri had the backing of Stephanie McMahon and plays a key role in the WWE’s social media department. So which means, perhaps, power-tripping at its best?

Plus, the WWE did not even report the incident thru their flagship programs. (Perhaps, for very obvious reasons.)  But hey, come to think that Del Rio’s firing came just less than two weeks before the WWE staged their SummerSlam at Los Angeles, CA last August 17.

In fact, former wrestler Konnan (who played for World Championship Wrestling) sees the angle.
“Should be no surprise what happened to Del Rio. There has always been rampant racism in the industry from subtle to obvious… #Putos.”

He also lashed back at Barbieri, who handles the social media live events of the WWE, through Twitter.

“@CodyBarbierri don’t even think by a long-shot this is over..#RazaIsWatching #Cuidate” 

He even called to Vince McMahon and company to release another Mexican luchador named Rey Mysterio.

“Ray deserves more respect, he’s given WWE everything bar the kitchen sink #FreeRey” 

And on a much recent story from the forum Lords of Pain, some top WWE stars actually sided with Del Rio. Now the question, will the Mexican former four-time champ speak up in his upcoming media cameos and bookings at some independent wrestling promotions in the United States?

That is something we would have to find out soon.

One thing is for sure, racism exists in every single one of us. And the worst part is that it really comes ion variety of ways. If Del Rio tells the real story, this could ignite another huge blow against WWE. Remember how the NBA and Clippers condemned (though it happened in some kind of conspiracy theories—as quoted by Michael Cole and JBL) Sterling?

Just don't let the entire universe find this issue at all. That could waged war for Cody's ousting. Such disappointing.


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