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Friday, October 17, 2014

Switching Gears

10/14/2014 06:30:07 PM

So the news were finally confirmed as per report of Media Newser, the online portal which takcles news media here in the Philippines. Yes, they broke that one out weekend, causing stir mixes of cheers and jeers from legit observers and plain trolls.

So channel nine, famously known decades ago as RPN 9, then after the Solar takeover, C/S9, ETC, and then, Solar News Channel, will be now renamed as CNN Philippines.

Yes, it happened just merely two months after Business World owner Antonio Cabangon-Chua acquired 34 percent of the network shares by Wilson Tieng's Solar Entertainment Corporation. So at least, that saves you from wondering why they were called 9TV after having a “new management.” And I know, business talks tend to suck as long as gas prices weren't involved.

But we should stop thinking like wearing pair of bakya though.

Now, RPN9, or should I say, 9TV (for goodness sakes, their name appeared like a reverse clone of TV5!) will be CNN Philippines by 2015. So how would this implicate our news viewership here in the metropolitan?

CNN, aside from Al-Jazeera and BBC were primarily known for being the world's top news organization. They carried heavyweight content, (from such insightful stories to possible investigative-worthy angles), to the way they deliver the news and all the technicalities involved. Now, they could cater even more to the mass Filipino audience, whose direly in need of sensible television programming capitalized by tabloidization of the so-called primetime national newscasts (and in case one should need to get a real news program, he have to pay for a cable subscription).

This means more sensible programming for Filipinos out there. How, reality wise, how we actually wish for the good sake of this partnership considering such decisions like this are very high-risky one. Yes, and come to think that they may be a calibrated news organization by paper, and despite retaining some what they called as “hao shaw.” EMAJ is the other term. So they say there are lot of fake news deliverers or even fake journos in their lineup. I'll say though, give them a break. I know in your eyes they don;t have what it takes to be in the broadcasting industry. Though I'll say you can say that even more if and only if you know the ropes of being in the simple news production. Some stations actually joined the flow of others in terms of news delivery, but of course, some albeit formality per se shuns away.

I mean seriously, man. We have high hopes for both CNN and RPN, and if it strikes good, then it's really a good thing at all. Good luck on that.

But first you really need to hire real journalists. And I mean real journalists. For instance, beauty and pop culture knowledge is a plus factor but since you're in the formal side of life, leave it to the like of TV Patrol (and I know they have a lot of credible peeps out there but still the format of the program, doesn't matter if they're 26 years in the industry, sucks).

That's one step towards to the better news management.

Authir: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions

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