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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stunner (on RKOs and Losing the Voice)

10/17/2014 11:02:10 PM

As much as I do not want to give much attention on any of the WWE’s flagship programs (considering I always have a lot of backlogs and schedules posts), I can’t help it; well, maybe because I’m sick of both political and controversial world. And even if I posted some of my very unusual visits and other good stuff, I haven’t felt much enough.

I think let’s give it a shot for some time, though I’m not as good as any smarks I met in Facebook like those who write for columns RAW deal in Rappler and on Lords of Pain (Hey, I used to read that for some time).

I got a bad feeling that Randy Orton’s already a desperate jobber considering he’s been the Authority’s hungry pet for some time post-WrestleMania. He used to win matches in every RAW and SmackDown taping, but always came empty-handed in almost every pay-per-view event since then. And the only thing he managed to salvage a W was during Night of Champions against the exiting Chris Jericho.

But how on earth will you not be entertained with the way he unleashes his signature finisher RKO. I remembered executing not just, but two RKOs during his SummerSlam match with Roman Reigns; and then he pulled another trigging finisher against Jericho in NOC. Very improbable fashion.

But how about his latest bout with Dolph Ziggler on RAW? You better take a look on this.

Oh, my fucking goodness. Talk about overall timing, execution. That’s just emphatic finish to resemble. Is it a sign of rejuvenating Orton—with that Strike First slogan?

Sick, pare. Sick!

Meanwhile, as I am supposed to conclude this post, "I’m afraid (just like what Wade Barrett usually says) I’ve got some bad news!"

If you’re an avid fan of WWE in the recent years, you know this guy.

Photo credits: Justin Roberts' Twitter account

Yes, it’s Justin Roberts, one of the male ring announcers for WWE in the recent years. With Tony Chimel, too (though we always wonder: where did he go after Main Event? Though just last Saturday I heard him in NXT).

He started working with the company in 2002.

But recently, WWE reported they will not renew Roberts’ contract, which means sooner or later he will be gone from the world’s popular pro wrestling promotion.

Oh, are you sad? I know the other male voice can do a lot better. But come on, Roberts’ was still doing well despite sounding gay-slang on some names.

Now where the Stamford promoter will bank on aside from Lilian Garcia? On the newbie ladies, who actually suck the way they do their part? No offense to Ede though but the other lady was just sic. Try watching NXT and observe her manner of delivery speech. That’s the only buster right there.

If that’s the case, I’d better off with either Tony or Lilian. Seriously, they sound better.

Oh, and count Eden too.

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