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Monday, October 06, 2014

The #MiriamMondays Experience

10/02/14 04:06:20 PM

Earlier last month, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago treated her fans and followers all over social media (to date, there are over 2 million likers on her Facebook page, and 930 thousand followers on her Twitter account), to a question-and-answer portion called #MiriamMondays. The interaction is also known as another hashatag #AskMiriamAnything.

Say, it appeared more than just either a Formspring or forum, aye?

In lieu with her announcement on September 10, yours truly was one of the numerous (can't really tell if hundreds or thousands or even ten thousands responded to her news) people who hit back at the senator by asking some questions. It doesn't really matter how many you had in mind. As far as I recall, I have tweeted three queries.

The first version of #AskMiriamAnything (the alternate hashtag for #MiriamMondays) was posted Sept. 22, or just merely two Mondays ago as of this writing (and perhaps, three as of publishing time). And the next came Sept. 29, or just this past Monday.

To be honestm I never expect she will answer back considering: first, my questions were seemed to be generic to deal with a public personality like her, or to any other politicians in general. Let's face it: you heard questions like “Who's the greatest president we never had?” Hey, some media reports already interviewed certain personalities with that question.

Yes, I'm surprised things happened right away after having numerous notifications on my Twitter profile, and some of my Facebook friends actually noticed that thing first before I do. Upon checking on Tuesday, I received several timeline review posts tagging my name with the said timeline photo.

How about her stepping down to supposedly being an International Criminal Court (ICC) judge? I know, it might be stale either considering that the lady Ilongga senator had done the movement months ago (or even years, forgive me for being “outdated”).

As much as I want to shut my mouth and refrain my fingers from tweeting, I can't help but to ask. Maybe I’m just too selfish to crave for information and save myself from any possible signs of ignorance brought by our mainstream media and the society as a whole.

But heck, it's #AskMiriamAnything anyway, it's like a no-holds-barred wrestling match where everything goes. Meaning, users like me, you and even everyone who's reading this post with you (in other words, nakiki-comsat, este, usisero), can actually ask any kind of questions no matter how silly they really are in an intellectual's mindset.

And it just so happened that me, alongside Atheena Mae were the users got involved last Sept. 29. Of course, the third question, coming from here tackled moving on. And to be frank, Santiago's answer was a very straight-forward one. Very well-needed considering we have a lot of romantics and emotional human beings in this country (after all, who among us did not experienced relationships, or even love for somebody from the opposite sex alone, right?) especially with the advent of technology we had.

As expected, it was a sellout like hotcakes, and not a biggie much. Though if you ask me about the low points, it's not the Q-&-A itself, and not even the general reception from the cyber public.

Well, who's to diss on this? One certain oh, sorry, popular news portal which kept my name into anonymity. Yes, despite having two questions answered. It's like, are these news researchers lazy enough to scout or verify names? Of course some may berate about my identity but I can only understand your argument if and only if you know that this is my pseudonym in the cyberspace. Pen de nome, or alias, as they call it.

It just proved how mainstream can make everyone dumb. No freakin' wonder. They're all for shallowness.

If there are something worthy to notice are from the likes of Coconut Manila, Bubblews, and even the Snitch Network. They tell the story without much words, but at least, acknowledging you both. In other words, fairness in giving any piece of credits, especially if due and deserving. Maybe because the title post tackled only “how to move on” while in fact it's even misleading.

Okay, quit the ranting part.

Overall, I think that was the most-balanced Q&A post I have ever seen from Sen. Miriam, considering the first ones were perhaps more elite-appealing.

Well, we wish for more #MiriamMondays to come. 'Cause the public needs to know, as the defunct Infopop segment says.

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions


  1. Good on you! I know a lot of people who would just keep their questions to themselves because they're scared that people will berate them.

  2. now i have to look for threads about this *curious*. Sen. Santiago usually gives witty answer. I am curious to know if someone asked her about her mental state coz some people would tend to call her lukring or at least how she felt when people refer to her as such...

  3. That's too bad. I agree with the parts you dissed, it's like they didn't have the energy to dig a little. Congrats on getting responses on your questions though.

  4. Miriam's actually the only one left "sane" in the senate

  5. Senator Miriam is a "puzzlement" ( a word from "The King and I"). She seems so sensible and sane. But sometimes she can go into a tirade which people find crazy. I wish she can make reforms happen for our country. - Fred

  6. Miriam is really a person who I idolized. might share this

  7. Good observations. I do like Sen. Miriam. :)

  8. No doubt about it, Miriam is very witty. And she's probably one of the few honest politicians we have. It is just a pity she never became a president.

  9. Great that We can pick what's inside Sen. Miriam Santiago's brain by answering those strange questions from strange people in social media..:)

  10. She knows everything as they say, and you don't have to be 'engulfed' with the news. She needs people to uplift her standards, I mean as advertisement.

  11. If she will run for President, I will surely vote for her.


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