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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Rocking Return

10/08/2014 09:48:54 AM

I haven't seen WWE RAW for almost two weeks (the last time I watched this show was during the replay by FOX on the evening of my birthday—something I kept secret after all. Haha.) and perhaps the most possible time to do so will be this coming Friday evening.

But heck, I can't myself wait for Friday to come, especially last morning (Manila time) when suddenly, a huge surprise came along: Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock” just literally rocked Brooklyn on his appearance on Monday Night RAW.

Just in time after Rusev taunted The Big Show on his absence, his music popped from the speakers, his video played on Titantron. You know what this means, especially if the words “If you smell what the rock is cooking,” suddenly banged out of your consciousness, and there goes the former Florida college football player-slash-pro wrestler-slash-action star, donning that black Brooklyn jacket as he entered the ring.

And much usual than expected, the Rock unleashed his superb mic acting skills with those gross gender jokes, and much hyped bragging lines, just more electric than the other wrestlers unless you belong to the Attitude Era like Stone Cold Steve Austin, baby. No wonder why he earned, as JBL quoted, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment history. Though of course, the physicality was nothing new, but still, how could you discount that from the fact that The Rock lived to his name? He literally rocked the 15,000 strong crowd inside Barclays Center that way.

Most people thought: that salvaged RAW's dwindling output. Literally. It washed out the fact that John Cena will clash with Dean Ambrose (who's supposedly his unlikely ally in their babyface versus authority storyline) in a Hell in a Cell matcher, where the winner will face Mr. Money in the Bank in the similar type-yet-the main event card. And it almost buried Erick Rowan's horrendous vignette.

Thoughts on making his cameo, Rock admitted to they planned to do this thing via surprise, though reports also said they had done it in a last-minute-like fashion as per Examiner's article.

Now what does it implicate? Will he square off with Rusev? Will he clash with somebody else at the upcoming WWE shows? Or even would he challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Hell in a Cell?

Well, we'll never know, but I doubt he will fall on any of these choices.

Why? He's doing “Baywatch,” boys and girls (especially those who were born in the 90s). Remember?

Man, that shit just got real!

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