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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Scene Around: Professional Blogging Summit 2014

10/23/2014 10:12:26 PM

It was Saturday afternoon, and DPOP together with E-Commerce Boot Camp held their Professional Blogging Summit held at the A. Venue Mall in Makati City.

Though due to work, I managed to drop by at the venue midway through the program.

Despite being tardy though I still tried to learn and re-oversee what’s inside what I barely missed all throughout the afternoon. (well, according to some blog posts which I also read)

The show’s first talk, mostly about importance and impact of social media, featured Azrael Coladilla, while Ross del Rosario took turn afterwards, with the latter being in the hot limelight following controversies and discussions dragged under his name.

Social media strategist for celebrities JayL Aquino also took the podium to speak; while it was during model-fashion blogger Seph Charm’s segment when I managed to came by at the venue and spoke regarding the marketing etiquette.

Also, summit organizer Jeoff Solas was on the stage to tackle about making your blog a Public Relation (PR) Friendly.

Last on the list, Sai Sayson-Montes shared her knowledge and insights on promoting your online business the right, proper and professional way.

Along the way, I also acquainted with my blogger friends SailorStarCather and the SportyGuy, while meeting another new bloggers, including Rey Baguio, head of the Facebook group Bloggers ng Pinas and the man behind

Honestly, I don’t know if I could really make a lesson-enriched post regarding this matter (so apologies in advance, folks). But still, I’ll give it a try since I still showed up despite being late.

Your blog is your own “brand,” meaning whether you’re online or offline. What you actually have posted in your blog could actually reflect on who you are and what kind of personality you have. Yes, both in real and virtual world.

Plan ahead, and take it seriously. Especially if you’re into online business, everything starts via a feasibility study. Same approach applies to blogging in fact; you have to do a lot, not just the math but literally your entire homework. You want to be marketable? You want to be visible? You want to come into events without being dragged as a gatecrasher? Something that PR and corporate personnel would be pleased enough and put their trust in you?

Then do something about it. You have the internet, you have the resources. You have a lot of ways and means on getting the info about which product you are actually  taking, the issue you are actually commenting, the event you are about to hit with. It’s like Bray Wyatt’s words to yourself  (yes, I’m using a pro wrestling reference), “You got the whole world at your hands.” Though of course...

You have to do it with passion. It all starts here. You don’t blog just because somebody forced you to do so, right? Besides, a blog without passion is like love without using your heart at all. Sense-less.

Expand. You’re not the blogger here in the metro, or in the Philippines, or the world. Get to meet the others, treat them like friends and colleagues instead of competitors or potential bullies. From there, opportunities may actually arise. Besides, there’s always a two-way learning process from both of you.

Though I’m a guilty person when it comes to attitude like this, but Seph’s actually right: be kind to everyone. The key to build good rapports is by being nice to people. Well, let’s face it, buddies: it applies on all aspects of our life. It doesn’t matter if that’s the kid you met in the cyberspace or somebody out there around the physical Earth.

I think they have a lot of scheduled speakers supposedly, but still the ones who took time to do their part gave enough insights and information every single blogger needs to know, especially in the professional aspect.

And actually, that’s the biggest lesson of them all: be simply professional.

By the way, also giving credits to Profriends, A Venue Mall, Best Western Plus Hotel, Island Rose, and Salad Box for making the #DPOP Professional Blogging Summit possible.

Photo credits: DPOP Facebook Page
Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions          


  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing your experience with this blogging summit. As an OFW blogger, this is a great help for me seeing bloggers seminars and summit held in the Philippines.Wish I can experience some of this when I get home.

  2. The power of blogging is really amazing when you see how it has grown throughout the years. Want to join the next one if I will have the chance.

  3. I hope to be involved in blog summits like this if given the chance. It's inspiring to see people with the same passion :)

  4. Having a blogging summit really expands the blogging industry. It actually gives opportunities to other and inspires other to write. And by communicating with other bloggers, it will increases your ideas and knowledge.

  5. I was glad to have attended the summit. The speakers gave great insights. It was really nice to meet the other bloggers too!


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