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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Playback: The SGP Podcast

11/2/2014 12:34:59 PM

Here’s something I would like to put my take on. I have been digging podcasts since the time I got a day job. Yes, since paying all-music long on my computer may be boring sometimes, I need to indulge myself with some talkies that are somehow both worthy of my time and file space.

I’ve been listening some time from the always controversial Mo Twister and his Good Times (not the morning show on Magic 89.9), the humorous trio of the Morning Rush (yes, that epic RX93.1 kickstart), and even Boys Night Out (also from the Magic; Well, I have been a listener of this program for about seven years). 

Other than that, I tried luring myself on Steve Austin’s Unleashed and Talk is Jericho. Yes, they talk about wrestling.

However, here in the shores where I am residing with since birth, nobody talked much about professional wrestling. And why does? Who else will give a shit, knowing that one stigma in our general consciousness is that the sport’s scripted (or if you dealt once with worse, fake). Yeah fucking right, but it’s like saying your favourite shows are fake either, (just expect for sporting events like PBA, NCAA and even UAAP).

Since not at all times I can dig Stone Cold or Y2J’s talk considering I have a lot of priorities to do and besides there are more intellectual fans I need to listen to, thank goodness to one of my blogger friends and I found SmarkGlilasPilipinas.

Yes, with no pun intended though they sound just like our Philippine men’s national basketball team, SmarkGilasPilipinas is actually a group consisting of thinking wrestling fans herein the country. And just days after WrestleMania XXX< they formally launched their podcast.

Sports writer-slash-radio personality Stan Sy is doing the hosting chores alongside podcaster Romeo Moran. It’s always nice to hear this heel-and-face like tandem doing it all for the sake of the Pinoy wrestling fans.

They deal with a lot of segments, some are serious matter while some actually sounded fun. And one of them which definitely is a must listen is what they called Spots and Botches: the best and worst happenings in the world of wrestling for the past seven days.

At times, they also put up mini-talks regarding how Roman Reigns could be the next big thing if he actually has only five moves on his arsenal, what are Damien Sandow’s potential gimmicks or even what words would differ in the wrestling vocabulary, just to name a few.

They have thirty episodes to date, and they aired on a weekly basis (so technically, they’re already in the circulation for a bit over half-year), while along the way they are also promoting the resurgence of Pinoy wrestling in the country known as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.Tehyahev been guesting several PWR stars and key personalities.

So now why am I telling you that for every mark and smark (and even the less avid fan of pro wrestling) should listen to this SGP podcast?

First, to get you informed on what’s going on at the world you once loved. These guys can give you more in-depth takes on the past WWE programs, and even the promotions around the world. Plus, TNA and even the Lucha Underground.

To be entertained in a much deeper aspect. At some part of their talk, These guys may be clashing on their point of views, but at the end of the day, we agree to disagree.

And third, it’s awesome. Plain and fucking simple.

Yes, I recommend this to you all wrestling aficionados who’ve been reading this post. Do I have to explain further?

Check out or check them out on iTunes and SoundCloud to listen, and if possible, do give them a rating, too.

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions

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