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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year Ender

12/31/2014 8:25:35 PM

First and foremost, I’ll try to make it short as possible, though you guys knew me for writing novel-ish liked length of posts. And at the moment, it’s been less than four hours before the turn of the year. And since I’ve been struggling to write much lately, I have to let the rush flow in to me in putting up this one. 

Wow, what a roller coaster ride we had for the past 365 days! I actually started the year coming off heartbreak; and now, well, though not really well on an emotional aspect, I can say that I finally got back on my feet.

Aside from heartbreak, I faced variety of misfortunes which made me an emotionally battered person for a while. Rifts on relationships (not just on the romantic aspect), career decisions and indecisions, as you name them; I came to a point where I am questioning on which direction my life would take on. For the first three months of my life, I battled such obstacles.

Earlier on the fourth month, I reunite with my friends from blogging industry for the 10th Philippine Blogging Summit, something I considered a slightly turning point since I lost my social life since 2013.

And also, it was only late April when I felt I took a huge step towards getting back on track: I lured a job that is somewhat similar to what I want to do for at least the next few years or so. I saw that coming actually.

Along the midyear stretch, I struggled again. But I guess that’s how the story rolls… I just took them as a challenge this time around. And true enough, everything paid off. Now, my employee status got elevated from being a contractual to a probationary one, gained new friends, acquaintances and even interests, learned a lot of new things, and the unmentioned matters in this list goes on.

This year had taught me a lot of experiences. Well, I can only share a few of them though.

Pick your battles. Like what I said on the post “Chasing Revenge and Justice,” we can’t stay victim at all times, you’ve got to put up a fight somehow. Learn when to retaliate. But on the flip side, as much as possible, if you can avoid some unbecoming circumstances like the snatching incident, please do so. 

As much as I mentioned learn when to retaliate comes with this tip: learn when to shut up and quit.

Prove them wrong. People will have something to say about you, even if it’s clearly a lie in both your eyes and conscience. People may not believe you, but at the end of the day, your word – and your acts and its intentions matter the most. People will judge you without knowing the entirety of the story; and relax, if you got them wrong by proving them — both in words and in actions — you already won the game from them. And unless you’re sadistic, you can earn a bragging right to call the “stupid” in their respective faces (evil laugh; but I highly suggest that… no, don’t do that devilish resort either). 

Forgive. The past may hurt you so fucking bad, but you don’t have to be too sadistic about it. You don’t have to avenge on everything. You don’t have to punch their nose or stomach after he or she slapped your face. Relax; remain calm as much as possible. You can rant your brouhaha for a while, but you should not bring all the negativity with you for some time. 

That’s all. I wanna thank all my friends (both from, the blogosphere and the corporate world), followers (avid or sparing readers), and to the one up there. To God be the Glory!

The entire book and its twelve chapters has now been part of the history. It's about time to put up another one which I'll be calling as "Page 2015."

I’ll see you all in a few hours time! Have a happy and prosperous new year! Peace!

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions

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