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Friday, January 16, 2015

Triple Rumble

1/16/2015 11:55:53 AM

At first, I thought it will be the real final chapter for Brock Lesnar and John Cena as both wrestlers will settle their score on their trilogy for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

That, was the flow until Seth Rollins entered the picture.

Lesnar, whose been IN AND OUT of the WWE more often since he snatched the belt from Cena in a one-heck-of-a-squash match during last year’s SummerSlam, will have his second title defense in four months, against John Cena, the man he defeated then – and at the same time, the only guy who dared him for a championship bout. 

Yes, no other WWE superstars have the guts (and even glory) to deal with the Beast Incarnate. 

Since Lesnar’s return to the WWE in nearly three years ago, he only lost THRICE in all of his pay-per view battles: against Cena (the irony) in Extreme Rules 2012; Against Triple H in WrestleMania 29; and a disqualification loss against (also) Cena in the Night of Champions/

But as time goes by, the Authority was out of power for six weeks; and the next time around they’re back (thanks also to Cena); and suddenly, it became a triple threat match.

The Royal Rumble Event last year was a bunch of botch-like results. Bray Wyatt versus Daniel Bryan may be the match of the evening for some smarks and members of the IWC (though I had a different opinion on that matter), and the WWE championship match turned out to be more of a heel’s fairy tale-ending than a prospected heck-of-a-fight, plus a sudden turn-out on the 30-man melee itself.

And as of this writing, or technically nine days before Philadelphia will be the place of the evening once again, only three cards were laid out; considering Royal Rumble is like most of the WWE’s pay-per-view programs which runs for approximately three to three and a half hours.

Let’s get back to that one-on-one-on-one match.

If you ask my forecast on this, few things may happen. Though I also reiterated earlier that Seth Rollins is in a win-win situation here EVEN IF HE LOST THE MATCH.

Seriously, he got the Money in the Bank contract. So let’s say that he will suddenly get out of the picture, let himself get beaten up by both Brock and John. And then when Seth’s already out of the physical (and conceptual) context, this is where the “final chapter” begins. 

Though on the other hand, I thought of this: why the hell would we call it final chapter IF it’s a triple threat match in the first place? It will appear like a sub-chapter right there, and the creatives’ concept do really suck right there. It’s like they rushed it in; they could have wait even some more time to let Seth Rollins ‘consume’ his MITB briefcase. 

And after that final bell ring, regardless if it’s Cena or Lesnar who will be declared winner, Rollins might really use that thing.

So chances are Rollins might robbed the title from the winner. If it’s Lesnar, then that might be really a sign of exit for him considering he had plans to join the Ultimate Fighting Championship again once his WWE contract expires. Though I know there are rumors that he’s been budding that big one up to WrestleMania 31 against the uprising guy named Roman Reigns. 

However, if it’s Cena, looks like Rollins would really steal this one either.

However again (well, just in case, I know for a fact this happened in 2013), if the Royal Rumble match takes place before the WWE championship match, there might be instances for a numbers game brawl like J&J security will suit up along with the Authority’s henchmen; and then Cena’s teammates will join the fray; and even Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns –Rollin’s former partners in The SHIELD – and even Randy Orton will screw Seth’s chance to snatch the title from anyone.

But that’s just my imagination though.

The problem with the current storyline is that the more complex it went, it became more complicated than the way it should be. It’s like a food web comprising of rivalries, and then a sudden criss-cross to the other side, until everything went different areas and directions to the extents where we, the audience, will end up confused.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Royal Rumble for you. I just hope though that RR 2015 will not suffer another downward spiral outcome.

Seriously, we hope it won’t suck unlike their other PPVs.

Author: slickmaster | © 2015 september twenty-eight productions

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