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Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE Royal Rumble 2015

2/1/2015 11:05:29 AM

From Pittsburgh (and the end-game disappointment), the World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) first annual pay-per-view (PPV) offering moved a bit closer inside the Pennsylvania state, as Royal Rumble awaits the return of Daniel Bryan, the eventual emergence of Roman Reigns, and moreover the triple threat match for the most coveted WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Kicking the show in the main program, a generation-versus-generation battle took place as the New Age Outlaws faced The Ascension in the squared circle.

At the end of the tag-team clash, the newcomers proved they can really compete with other squads, though I wonder: are they tough enough to get along with the present factions? I hope they can deal with better finishers – or at least, better execution of the Fall of Man.

As for the Attitude Era’s one of the best tag teams, well, the proved they can still have it. No wonder they have six tag team championships under their name.

Not a bad thing to kickstart a PPV event considering they hyped the crowd enough to stay glued on their seats (or in their screens, in case they’re watching thru media), something we usually have seen from the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, and the Usos.

Verdict: 8

Speaking of the Usos, they’re on a tag team duel anew with the Miz. This time though, they are the champions while Miz and his sidekick Damien Mizdow is doing the chase for the championship.

I got that feeling though that Mizdow did the Miz’s Skull Crushing Finale better than the A-lister himself. And despite suffering two SCF, Jey still managed to kickout. And the thing is: SCF actually trended on Twitter more than both #TagTeamTitles and even the #RoyalRumble itself. Wow.

Still, you have to give credit for the Usos for pulling off analmost lopsidedshow. Miz may have done some tricks, but weren’t enough to be entertained. Mind you: if Mizdow had done a lot of stunt doubling, that could really be a showstopper right there.

Verdict: 8

The Bella Twins versus the team of Paige and Natalya. Looks like battle of the Total Divas’ stars.

I’ve got to be honest though: even if I haven’t seen the kickoff match between the New Day and K-Swis, I would rather pick that one over this 2x2 catfight. Well, that’s just me though.

As much as I admire Paige and Natalya more than both Nikki and Brie, it just sucks. There’s nothing much spectacular showmanship between these four. And perhaps, the airtime was short enough for them to pull their own bags of tricks.

Seriously, that just suck.

Verdict: 4

I could never really imagine Lilian Garcia doing the ring announce chores more frequently. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate her (I love her, in fact!); but this is the type of match where I’ve been missing Justin Robert’s voice more than any other current WWE ring announcers (oh, that lady from NXT? Sorry, but I’d better off with Eden of that’s the case). However, let them do their jobs.

Anyway, the second main event: the triple threat match for the WWE championship. Just when we previously thought it was “the final chapter,” well we were fucking wrong. Seth Rollins entered into the picture. Finally, some other guy stepped into the ring and joined the prey for the big one. I know, we may be sick of not seeing any title defense in Brock Lesnar; but so are John Cena’s chases. I mean, come on, is Cena the only guy who have the guts to deal with the Beast Incarnate?

Though that sound like a creative mistake, but after seeing Seth Rolins have done the unthinkable—by flying and doing the elbow drop against Lesnar (RIP Spanish Announce table for the first time in 2015), and hitting the Phoenix Splash over Cena—man, this kid’s ready for the big fight. It doesn’t matter if he’s a cheating heel, but when it comes to the real wrestling action, he’s not called Mr. Money in the Bank and the Architect of the SHILED for nothing!

Cena looked like SuperCena for a moment only if he’d done more offense than the usual. He lacked moves, and seemed dwindle from their match at Night of Champions. Well, he made 4 AAs and some STFs. But that ain’t looked convincing enough.

As for Lesnar (with that broken rib), he even pulled 16 suplexes. Talk about domination, huh? Need I say more? Brock Lesnar will always be Brock Lesnar; striking back once (and big time) after being strike a lot by his opponents; doing suplex after suplex after suplex; and even catching one of them with a thunderous F5.

With him holding the title, is there any other guy in the WWE roster that could conquer the Asskicker?

Maybe, in the case of this year’s Royal Rumble Winner; well, is it believable enough?

What an awesome match to start 2015, actually. 

Verdict: 9.3

And here we go…the Royal Rumble match itself. The start looked like the reunion of the Awesome Truth when the Miz and R-Truth entered the ring to start the battle royal.

But the returns of Bubba Ray Dudley, Diamond Dallas Page, and even the Boogeyman hyped the crowd, giving the nostalgic vibe. In fact, for a minute it looked like a freak fest staredown between the Boogeyman and Bray Wyatt.

Speaking of Bray, the former Wyatt family patriarch showed domination and marked his Royal Rumble debut by throwing Daniel Bryan out of contention.

And I know, that’s a huge blow right there. Who ever thought that Daniel Bryan’s dream road to WrestleMania was putted into a screeching halt?

Roman Reigns, the most handpicked guy to win the RR, entered #19. Unlike his debut last year though, Reigns had less number of eliminations. 

While Kane, on the other hand, overtook HBK Shawn Michaels for holding the all-time Royal Rumble eliminations. He could almost shatter Roman’s hopes of winning the rumble when he temporarily allied with the Big Show; but went naught at the end.

Furious over the result, though, both Kane and Show did dirty deeds by conspiring Reigns; but ow for long, somebody smelled it coming.

Yes, The Rock was present; but not to compete and hopefully headline WrestleMania, but to assist his cousin.

The finish was kinda disappointing, though I think Reigns deserved to win the Royal Rumble after all. I’m worried thought hat WWE pushed him beyond enough to be their top guy. I just hope their plans won’t falter enough by another injury considering Reigns, though in his second-and-a-half year in the main roster, is still young to be the WWE champ.

Aside from Wyatt, the other notable guy for me is Rusev. Look how athletic this brute can go.

And another: Kofi Kingston who managed to escape eliminations numerous times in the RR before the actual E itself.

Other than that, the Royal Rumble match suck considering they booked Daniel Bryan too early, and Dolph ZIggler too late.

Verdict: 6

Overall, the Royal Rumble event itself booked a series of good tag-team matches and a WrestleMania-calibrated title match. But for the second straight year in Philadelphia, the ending part of the Royal Rumble match itself sucked. It’s like shades of 2014 when Batista took Reigns out to headline WrestleMania. All that despite Reigns’ character as a heel.

This year, we saw that old form in both Rusev and Wyatt. We hope in 2016 though, the creative will do better.

Overall: 7.1

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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