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Saturday, March 21, 2015

No More Sleepless Nights in Eastwood City

1/16/2015 2:41:45 PM

Oh, dear Eastwood City. For the first time after some nth times, we met again. It’s like last week I was around the vicinity and just chilling, remember?

This time, though, I had a lot of things to ponder on my mind. Something that can be worth reminiscing for (even if actually, it’s already the next afternoon when I put my thoughts into paper).

It’s past eight on my watch, from down the St. Pio churh, I am staring at the window up there; to where I once seated, at the 30th floor of that white building. Those were the times. Good times, in fact. I felt like a boss, I was doing great. I got a lot of good buddies on my side.

Literally, it’s that typical “work every day and party every night” kind of life.

Though it’s actually some kind of different path, since I was then a graveyard shift. So it’s working on nights, and party afterwards (I can’t really say morning). 

But a few months later, I was sent back to the afternoon shift. So obviously, I switched back to that old daily mantra.

Life can be really cruel at times. For one moment, you’re enjoying your job; the next time around, it’s taken away from you. One moment, your company is doing well; but the next time around, it messes up.

Just the tick of time, you’re earning; and later on, you’re back to nothing again.

How I wish I could have written this thing some 18 months ago, aye? During the time where I am totally frustrated after that shutdown, without having your pay; and a few weeks later on, you found out your other sideline went on shut down too. So talk about career-changing misfortunes.

Aside from your then-girlfriend who can be a shock absorber to all angst and anger you had on your mind, what more can I do? What more can we do? As Nelly Furtado once said, “All good things come to an end.” And really, it must.

Now, I may have a day job. I’m doing well even if I’m single.

But I miss the good ol’ times. Those “sleepless nights” as I am saying. That era where I can eat tapsilog by nighttime before going home. The time where I can chill for a while and watch a movie after a stress-filled day. To where can I walk around like a kid looking on his missing soul.

And even the times where I can drink a bottle or two, and dance the night away while meeting some new peeps (well, something I never done much when I am in a relationship).

To be honest, I might be on the soul-searching mode again. And I really missed this place.

I know: I’ll be pigging out again later on.

But believe me, there’s a part of my life that lies here. If everything permits…

I’ll be back soon. And in case it pushed through, there will be sleepless nights on Eastwood for me once again.


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