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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Playback: Flying Down To the Stands

3/1/2015 5:19:48 PM

I’m still on a log-jammed mode, friends. As of this writing, I already made six postings and yet it’s only a third (1/3) of the proposed ones – and damn it; I’m too far behind especially when it comes to things like sports and news.

Say, it’s been a week though since yours truly dropped by at the Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s latest program titled Vendetta.

One of the matches there includes an All-Out War between the team of Mayhem Brannigan and the Apolcalypse and The Royal Flush.

Since I really have a hard time squeezing on my takes for that matter (yes, sorry, laides and gentlemen I have to delay things once again as much as I don’t want to), here’s something I’d like to share. Perhaps on all of the PWR’s events in the Philippines, this stunt was never executed.

Not until the Vendetta comes; and I am talking about Mr. Do or Die jumping off from the top stands.

So much for an all-out war, right? Reminds me (if we’re talking about recent matches) of Seth Rollins on Extreme Rules (yes, when he was still with the SHIELD) against Evolution.

If you don’t get it, then watch this, my friend.

Meantime, my post for PWR Vendetta will be up later this month.

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  1. Not into wrestling, but my husband and son are. I'll let them see this and maybe they'll shed some light haha.

  2. I like better if it's MMA not that I'm not a fan of wrestling. I used to watch wrestling when I was a kid..ultimate warrior yay!

  3. My family's not into wrestling but to each his own. Enjoy!

  4. Wow, I didn't know that we have this in the Philippines. When I was a kid, I enjoy watching wrestling while I cheer for Undertaker, Big Show and John Cena. But nowadays, di na masyado.

    1. PWR was a start-up, and I think was established about two years ago. Though it was only last year when they put up programs like Vendetta. By the way, if you're (still) a fan, I recommend you give it a try to watch their next show on May 23.


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