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Monday, March 02, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE Fastlane

3/1/2015 3:25:19 PM

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Just merely 35 nights before the grandest stage of sports entertainment, the World Wrestling Entertainment unleashed another pay-per-view, replacing Elimination Chamber in the process. The road seemed a smooth one as WWE took on the Fastlane.

WWE Fastlane comprised nine segments -- seven matches and two face-off sequences, in front of a not-so-loudly crowd FedEx Forum at Memphis, Tennessee. I wonder how Jerry “The King” Lawler felt that time. Sorry, man.

And the setting seemed only a heck-of-a-RAW like. You know, the LED signages, the walkway for the wrestlers; just the moving graphics, which somehow appeal to me aesthetically-speaking. 

But if you will ask me “other than that?” nah, nothing special since last year’s WrestleMania and Extreme Rules.

Survivor Series v. 2.0 in PPV

Team Authority took on the faction of Ziggler-Ryback-Rowan, perhaps shades of what happened merely three months ago at St. Louis. And even if Dol[ph Ziggller has that energetic element to kickoff a pay-per-view, seems like the finish didn’t comprehend well. The heels (Rollins-Show-Kane) won.
But another surprise: Randy Orton came back and RKOing almost everyone. Say, is this a prelude to a possible wrestling match between the Viper and Mr. Money in the Bank?

We wish!

Verdict: 6.7

Battle of Brothers

screengrab from YouTube
Goldust took on Stardust, hoping to wake the shit out of his brother known as Cody Rhodes. By the way, this match wasn't even advertised much.

Brothers, former tag-team partners, and now... foes; somehow like those Hardy Brothers clash in 2010 (WrestleMania 25).

The elder took the victory, but somehow in a close call. This supposedly deemed to be controversial; but I think fans did not buy that.

And just when you thought that sibling rivalry was over? Hey, think again. Things are just patching up.

But still, lame.

Verdict: 6.0

International Flava

Tag team rivalries are starting to get attention. And it’s all about “family” this time. Usos versus Neidhart-Kidd; but their wives aren’t involved. Ceasro and another Uso does.

Seems like an awesome match in the process, considering the Swiss superman’s always a darkhorse even if last year appeared like a downslide on his path. Plus, Tyson Kdd emerged again. And he barely needed that to step away from his wife’s shadows (Yes, TK still sucks, and Natalya’s superior than this dude).
I can sense their rivalry will continue ‘til WrestleMania and beyond. Hey, considering the Samoan Jimmy and Jey were heck of a winner in WM 30 last year. You can say we’re sick of the usos for being champions. But the thing is, the tag team division needed more depth, and potential champions aside from Kidd-Cesaro and the Usos.

Verdict: 7.2

Nikki Bella defeated Paige for retaining the Divas title. So the fuck what?

Don’t get me wrong. But Nikki was heck of a strong woman IF her twin sister wasn’t around. But as time goes by, I’d better off with Paige. Plus the finish wasn’t convincing as it is. 

And say, the lone diva match only lasted five minutes? Out of 84-minuted overall time of matches? What the hell, you’ve got to be kidding me. 

Verdict: 4.7

DA on the DQ and Again?!
Why Dean Ambrose always lost a PPV game via disqualification? Aside from his series of SummerSlam and Hell in a Cell clashes with former SHIELD teammate Seth Rollins, can you hardy recall a singles match from Survivor Series to Fastlane where he did lose in the right manner? Okay, the TLC match versus Bray Wyatt counts as one; but other than that? NAH.

Now, for a prized battle known as the Intercontinental Champion, his allegedly over-aggressiveness prompted the referee to ring the bell and dictate a DQ result. But that official sucks in my opinion. It’s that the creative tells a story of the Lunatic being deprived of his chances to be a standout in the WWE right now.

No wonder why he stole the IC title as the bookers tell.

Verdict: 6.4

The US Title Match That Was Not Even Advertised Much

I don't know if it's just me, or I just noticed that statement.

The clash between Rusev and John Cena looks convincing enough as the former US champ seemed strong enough to neutralized Rusev’s un-pinned record. Yes, it’s politically incorrect to say Rusev’s goddamn undefeated while in fact, he lost a battle royal to Roman Reigns in a RAW episode last year, was eliminated at the Survivor Series, and figured in another close loss against (who else but) Reigns at the recent Royal Rumble.

Oh, it’s because it’s not a singles match, right? But heck, a loss is a loss, man. And come to think there are several matches he lost via DQ (off interferences by everyone else to his opponent) though unannounced. Still, there’s a losing game right there.

It was one heck of a showmanship by the two fighters, only to get finished by a cheap low-blow to Cena.; and making the 15-time world champion to lose via submission for the first time since against Kurt Angle in 2004.
Hey, I can sense there will be Rusev-Cena II soon, or at WrestleMania. Yes, no matter how the Bulgarian brute-slash-the current United States Champion denies it.

Verdict: 8.6

Bragging Rights

No intention to name this match after that former WWE PPV; but it was a bragging right to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan showed his prowess more than just being a technical wrestler. He’s not a “better wrestler than you” for nothing! He suddenly reminded me of a recent match on RAW: him versus Seth Rollins. 

Just looked how great he is as a kicker, counter-mover, and even a submission specialist. Hey, why did not we see that type of Daniel Bryan so many PPVs ago (when he was active before getting injured mid-last year)?

But that spear by Roman Reigns off a potential second running knee by Bryan is the perfect way of saying “good night!” That’s what a PPV needed: a clean win, in contrast to the specualtiuons where somebody’s about to interfere the match en route to a potential wrestling match at the next PPV.

Well, this match is something Reigns barely needed; and I think DB just proved enough that Roman is indeed the guy. Noticed the fashion on how he put Reigns over the top.

Quit hating, Roman seems convincing enough to at least contain the beast.

Verdict: 8.6


But aside from the matches, I think the sidesidh segments was the standout among them all; especially the Face-off between Triple H and Sting.
As expected, they will square off at WrestleMania. But you can never deny how the meeting was perfectly executed.

Sting, may be silent alright; but he has the clear message sent to everyone else. And maybe that’s the only time the crowd in Memphis went “loud.”

Verdict: 9.4

Trolling the Deadman
Admit it; you thought the Deadman was coming. Only to found out Bray Wyatt was trolling the wrestling world perfectly.

The question, though, is that will the Undertaker respond to the challenge? And should this promo work well if the match pursues (I believe it will).

Verdict: 10

In the other sidenotes, Lilian Garcia seemed to forget the championship types. In case you have no idea, try to watch the reply at the ending part of the Tag Title Match, and the Divas Title Match.

Matches of the Night (also, potential Match of the Year):
Roman vs. Bryan
US Title – John Cena vs. Rusev

Overall verdict: 7.6

Author: slickmaster | © 2015 september twenty-eight productions

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