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Friday, April 17, 2015

Inside the Pages: Stupid is Forever

3/5/2015 4:20:47 PM

Just when you thought Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was more than just a woman legislator with a bunch of quotable quotes that are worthy of every television and radio airtime, hey… guess what? ABS-CBN Publishing compiled a book full of her epigrams and even privilege speeches outside the House.

The title seemed new to me though: Stupid is Forever. It is a book comprising of mass ideologies that the lady from Iloilo compiled, from random punchlines against the Philippine politicians (call it “shots fired”) to her takes on certain issues surrounding the social media and the youth, and even the pick-up lines (be it romantic or bitchy ones).

And for a price of P175, you can get a hand on these witty stuff. Hey, no advertorial purpose intended here.

Stating from the title alone, Stupid is Forever seems a living personification of what the political society is all about, especially on her claims “I Eat Death Threats for Breakfast.”

Somehow, her compilations on how such objects were compared to a typical political officeholder (let’s say “trapo” – short for traditional politician), were somehow an element showcasing the typical corrupted ways inside this country.

Her pick-ups lines though, I something I considered a “moneymaker,” since in general – especially during her speeches over the recent era – using such statements were classified as an “attention-getter”; and come to think that for a speaker, if he/she needs to get the crowd to be with him, he must use such factors where quoted statements and even jokes for that matter.

Say, I think despite numerous pages of epigrams, Sen. Miriam caught my attention enough to get the reader on what she really wanted to say. Yes, forget the fact that Stupid is Forever consists of two privilege speeches. 

Just imagine that you’re on a formal forum, and she was the speaker. Yes, imagine that. It’s like it’s a living personification of this book, though not the title itself.

And on that note, it’s no wonder why the Philippines need a senator like her. Not because her absences from the hearings will make a boring day; but the fact that she got ruthless aggression on her words and absolutely incredible chunks on her mind? Man.

The verdict: 9

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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