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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lookback: PWR Vendetta

4/13/2015 1:44:03 PM

Just over a month from now, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution will celebrate a year of showmanship by its extravagant WrevolutionX this coming May 23.

Before things go beyond the limits of being a rookie though, let’s take a brief lookback... to 2015’s kickstarter named PWR Vendetta.

The program kicked off with some bits of flaws as the crowd was too loud that I can’t hear what Raf Camus was saying. 

Anyway, Vendetta cards kicked off with a singles match for the PWR Championship tournament between Ken Warren and Bombay Suarez. Afterwards, Ralph Imabayashi made his debut against John Sebastian. Both preliminaries have their post-match shenanigans; especially with that stinkface-like-plus- a combo of drop kick and a chair shot by the Royal Flush to the eventual winner Suarez.

Also, Imabayashi’s finisher Sonic Crusher was impressive that it looked like a Filipino version of RKO.

Almost mid-way through the program, fans were delighted to a warfare as the “all out war” took centerstage between the Royal Flush (Classical Bryan Leo and Main Maxx) the team of Mayhem Brannigan and The Apocalypse.

Every inch of the Makati Cinema Square Arena turned into a battlefield where the four wrestlers took the hell out of each other, with several pop-culture related chants earning from the crowd; even the calls for new trays made some noise during the stretch. 

And who could ever forget Brannigan’s jump from the stands of the second floor?

Funny thing: these guys made an improvised table, the one that can easily bent over. It may be a botch but you can’t discount how resourceful they are.

During the interission, the stall were flocked, be it food, drinks, PWR merchanndise stalls, and even free copies of UNO Magazine. (Yes! They sponsored the event, too!) 

Back from halftime, the match was an entertaining as shit. Kanto Terror made his way to the ring with that Laklak tune and those loud “Kanto Terror” chants. But nthing is more all-hyped up than Mark D. Manalo’s entrance to the tune of A-Ha’s Take On Me.

Dual Shock, a duo of Versoza and Sandata, also had its debut, though they wound up winless after two matches. Just minutes after Sandata expressed his frustration over their loss to KT-MDM, they demand another scuffle; to which Mr. Sy, the PWR General Manager responded to an instant surprise – Fighters for Hire came off from being “bodyguard-like role” into literally bunch of fighters; resulting into another defeat for the upcomers.

The main event was the second qualifying battle for the PWR championship featuring Jake De Leon and Chris Panzer. The match was an overall fun one with those funny chants intended for The Senyorito, and their technical skills shown into this fight.

Any smarks who picked this match as the best of the evening must be really right. Seriously. In case you don’t believe them, might as well check their video soon.

As for me though, I’d still pick the all-out war as the top game of the night.

The three-hour spectacle was nothing but sort of spectacular amidst flaws shown in technical aspects. But the program itself is worth the P250 ticket. It can’t get any hardcore than this. I even had my predictions wrong when I said heels will have their time here. Wait, yeah, they did; but they lost their battle anyway.

Well, let’s see… this coming WrevolutionX! Same venue, same day but different date (obviously) – 23 May 2015.

Here are some of the photographs (though I also suggest you checked out the previous write-ups about this event)

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