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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Playback: Autotelic – Balik

4/16/2015 2:54:52 PM

"Gusto kong sumayaw. Sabayan ang hanging naliligaw. Gusto kong awitin. Palayain ang nadaramang 'di ko mapaliwanag."
Since it’s been a usual throwback day for social media (yes, Thursday as usual), how about we feature a song that tackles our childhood days? And I’m not talking about a 80s nor even 90s or early 2000s track here, huh? It’s like as similar to those nostalgia-driven singles like “Betamax” (Sandwich).

We all know lately that yours truly (the cutie; LOL!) has been digging the independent music scene; perhaps another addition to the line of interests such as hip-hop, ranting, and giving takes about professional wrestling.

And this is perhaps the second time I featured a song from the band called Autotelic here in The SlickMaster’s Files. 

But I seriously have no idea why their tracks made me wanna grove for some time? Sure they’re no disco funk bands in the past – and they aren’t sounding like any other punk or even rock bands on both local mainstream and underground shores. But perhaps that spelled the difference between them all. The experiment blended well; resulting to massive praises from the crowd and critics.

But after their breakthrough hit Misteryoso almost 720 days ago, I never thought of suffering another mayhem called “Last Song Syndrome” in Balik.

Balik was also part of their four-track EP originally produced in 2013. And the song, by the way, was available on their Bandcamp page as well as on their Soundcloud account and Amplify.PH.

And to be honest, maybe I did not recognize the track when Autotelic performed that during their gigs.

But after some numerous tries of playing their track – be it online or a downloaded file. I found my head beeny-bumping sideways as if I’m listening to them live on either Saguijo or Route 196. The rhythm’s just contagious to not to differ.

It was literally a lookback not just in title; but moreover in their lyrics. It’s like one of their early experiments especially during the era where keytarist Klarissa Honasan wasn’t around the group yet. 

It’s like you wanting to get back on your happiest days in the past where you just can dance the night away, play around, and live like the childhood is forever on a loopback. As in literally you can only get a hold of power of rewind or turning back the time. The good stuff, memories, you name ‘em. 

I even imagined seeing kids playing board games with this thing at the background. (As if there are plans for a music video e no?)

Vandals on the Wall even described this song like you’re reminiscing while inside a drinking session. And it’s not surprising at all, with Josh Villena’s vocals telling the story.

And it sounds better if you’re on a road trip. Believe me.. With those blend of punk, funk, all that stuff? They’re not a danceable pop-rock band for nothing!

By the way, from an EP, they released an album comprised of 8 tracks (which I believe, sounding a bit different) half-a-year ago. And you can check their Facebook page on where you can get a copy.


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