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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Just My Opinion: Urbandub's Disbandment

4/8/2015 8:56:59 PM

Fifteen years in the industry; perhaps a typical life expectancy for a music band; Yes, after one and a half decade, they will part ways.

Urbandub. Photo credits: Interaksyon

Sad, right?

Well, I admit – I’m not an avid fan of Urbandub. I only know few of their songs. And mind you, I didn’t even know the titles of some tunes which aired on mainstream networks. In spite of that, one thing’s for sure – that didn’t stop my admiration once I heard them playing on the radio way back then; though , I know for a fact that the rock music-driven radio stations were the ones which gave them heavy airplay.

However, even if I’m more of a CHR-type radio listener, and despite unable to attend all of their gigs, I can’t deny that the Cebu-based rock band became one of my personal favorites in the industry. Remember the First of Summer? Man, I was in my third year high school when I had its glimpse, both on (visual) music videos and auditory-wise speaking (single).

I remember hearing several more tracks such as Soul Searching, Alert the Armory, Endless, A Silent Whisper, Frailty, Inside The Mind of a Killer, Gravity, A Call to Arms, and moreover to one of my clicked faves Under Southern LightsAnthem, The Fight is Over, Evidence, Cebuana, and my ultimate pick—Guillotine.

Perhaps if you will recall the discography, it appears that their hits from Embrace topped the music scene. But in a shorter span of time (and lesser number of singles released), Under Southern Lights were the most successful record either. Perhaps, even after the band released two albums, it can’t be denied that most listeners would recall the hits—and even the OPM rock, in general—the times of mid-to-almost late 2000s.

Well, I can only utter few thoughts after hearing their break-up message which apparently was a serious-toned one despite announcing it on an April Fools Day.

Yes. They are indeed drop, dead serious. Their last gig as Urbandub will be in less than 30 days time.

But as time goes by, as well as several acts come and go in the industry, including Sugarfree, well life’s always been like that.

Well, some speculations go about Gabby Alipe’s running solo. Well it’s not surprising at all, considering him already a prized talent on and off the microphone. Talk about running a business, collaborating with artists and even producing new talents.

Other said it’s for Lalay’s time. Well, in case you don’t know, then you should know the bassist was already married and was on the verge of celebrating her motherhood. And at times, family always the first, and will always be the first priority in life. She can come back to the music scene if she wants to. But again, all were plain speculations, unless somebody clears it up.

Anyway, 15 years was a smooth good run. And despite OPM mainstream’s deterioration, there they are—they may be gone as Urbandub. But the music and culture of Dubistas (especially the hardcore fans) would definitely live on. They will go down as the very first indie band to release albums nationwide through the assistance of a major record label.

Over the course of time, the once reggae-sounded (before turning rock) Urbandub produced 12 music videos, 17 singles, six albums and countless of recognition here and abroad.

Here I will be leaving you with one my top favorite track from Urbandub. Guillotine is their first single off the album Under Southern Lights, released in 2007 by EMI Philippines (now known as PolyEast Records).

The track tackles the mixture of extreme emotions, specifically wanting for lust countered with angst of a break-up. The blend of guitar hooks and ferocious drum beats accompanied the harmonious vocals really well.

Apparently, Rappler reported that the band may be on a long time break after 2015. And would they consider a comeback to the scene? We could only hope on Gabby's words: "there's no such things as endings, only new beginnings."

By the way, before we really go on separate ways here, Urbandub is a musical group comprised of Gabby Alipe (lead vocals/guitar), John Dinopol (lead guitar/vocals), Lalay Lim-Geronimo (bass/vocals), and Janjan Mendoza (drums).

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  1. What??? *sob* Didn't know it was for real. But like you said, 15 years isn't bad.

    My all time faves are First of Summer and No Ordinary Love. Guillotine, The Mind of a Killer, Cebuana, and Evidence are right up there on my list too.

  2. I have not very famililar of Urbandub's music but my husband is a fan. He was disheartened to know that they will disband. But being in the music industry for 15 years shows amazing longevity, already a big achievement

  3. It's sad whenever a group of musicians decide to part ways and they've been in the industry for the longest time. 15 years, wow. Not a fan of the band really but I know the song on the video though haha. I think I saw it in the Myx Hitcharts back in 2007, it was topping the list. :)

  4. I actually believed it was only april fools kasi meron pa silang gigs sa May!

    1. Meron pa. But Udub will never be the same without some of their members. Though reports said that they will be just taking a break since everyone has their own business to deal with. Besides, in addition, Gabby and John will still be playing music to the crowd until late 2015.

  5. 15 years is not bad..I wonder why most bands decided to break. Remembering Eheads turns to new name and Rivermaya etc... Whew! Their fame was merely in a span of how many years then problem arises but anyway, we love OPM. :)


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