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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Pretake: WWE Extreme Rules 2015

04/26/2015 03:55:48 PM

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It's about time the World Wrestling Entertainment went over their typical limits once again, as they set their edition of Extreme Rules tomorrow morning (Sunday night at Chicago).

Eight cards were on the set, with one on the preshow; and I am seeing Tyson Kidd and Cesaro will retain their tag team belts once again. The New Day may have won the contendership battle against the Lucha Dragons; but Natalya's too hot not to be a distraction for anyone else. 

Dean Ambrose versus Luke Harper on the Chicago Street Fight, a very typical stipulation for every wrestling show situated in the state where the Windy City lies. And both were hardcore fighters prior to entering WWE. Yes, they are.

But I am betting my money on Dean Ambrose though it will be a most likely-Like Harper victory. As much as I want DA to win due to his series of losses – be it by pinfall or disqualification, I am more seeing Harper as this year's badass wrestler. It shows on his looks and his wicked moves.

The last man standing man between two mammoths in The Big Show and Roman Reigns. Since his WrestleMania loss, Roman Reigns has yet to full regain himself. I got a bad feeling the since his “almost-a-breakout” season a few months ago, he has been on a downslide; though winning some matches – he lost a big one – in a triple-threat contendership to face the WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins. That sound a better way for a demotion though.

But I think Roman will redeem himself into this. And to think Show worked with him for months in this rivalry, it's gonna be like the veteran giant will raise the youngster's stock, just like what happened to their rivalry with Alberto del Rio. Besides, Show's spear may be wicked; but Reigns' own version will wreak havoc more.

The Sheamus versus Dolph Ziggler will surely be an entertaining one, with the Show Off topping the ratings of every PPV event he's been involved with. And a returning Celtic Warrior at helm, this will gonna be a heck-of-a-fight!

And the funny thing is that KISS ME ARCE match was a PG way to put a non-PG match known as KISS MY ASS. I wonder how things will fare up come Extreme Rules time.

However, I'm seeing the Dublin-based grappler will win this. Just so you know, his butt may as be whiter as it gets. LOL!

Daniel Bryan versus Bad News Barrett in another non-stipulated championship match. Ironically, it was BNB who dethroned Big E Langston in the same exact match last year. So are we gonna see shades of 2014 especially Bryan's been reported injured yet again – in one of their live shows in Europe few weeks ago?

Looks like it will be a DB win though I don't know how will fare up, And by the way, for the present-champ to recover and let the title be an active one, I'd rather see the IC title at the hands of someone else's (and yes, even Bad News Barrett).

The US title has been every week since John Cena snatched it from Rusev at WrestleMania 31. And with the former titlist invoking his rematch clause, he has to wait until the PPV time comes – and it will be through his favorable fashion – a Russian Chain match.

Sounds new, eh? Unless you saw Ricky Morton vs. Ivan Koloff in the AWA some time during the 80s. But Rusev has to touch four corners of the wrestling ring to steal the title back again.

However, as much as I want Rusev to win this; I am seeing a John Cena victory either. And perhaps another job well done for him in terms of building up a newcomer, something he had done against Bray Wyatt last year.

At first, we are seeing Paige in another Divas championship. But no, it was Naomi's time as the current kayfabe flow is concern. And she's facing the champion in Nikki Bella.

The question: will the wait enough for her to become the queen of the squared circle for now? I guess, not yet. (Still, I won't be surprised if she wins it anyway.) 

With that attitude though, she must prove herself as the top diva right now, consider her colleague AJ Lee already retired after three years (and mind you, they joined WWE together way back then).

And a WWE title-stipulated steel cage match with an RKO banned... and also, a familiar face acting as the cage gatekeeper. 

I wonder though if Randy Orton will unleash a punt kick right there. If he does, presto, he should be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion after Extreme Rules. 

Plus, I'm sensing a face turn on Kane; making it more extremely chaotic in the process. 

However, like most of the smarks I listened to, I'm sensing that Seth Rollins will retain the title. And maybe, they will find a new ally in Bray Wyatt. How on earth did I say this? Remember Hell in a Cell? 

Heck, this should better be extremely good!

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