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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On Nailing the "Job Security and Anniversary" Mark

05/26/2015 06:46:46 PM

There's nothing really much for me to write. It's like I still have a drained brain for me after having a roller-coaster ride for the past seven days—that includes a good news and two hassled nights. 

That's if we're talking about personal lives here.

Well, sure, I can let you guys read mine as long as it doesn't deal with lovelife (or else, I';m gonna kick your asses out of here).

You see; I still feel a bit high after watching the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's latest offering titled Wrevolution X last Saturday evening at the Sports Activity Area of the Makati Cinema Square. though I already relayed my initial word on my Facebook page, I would still give my take on that matter soon here on The SlickMaster's Files! But more than that...

I'm now a regular employee. After having three office-based jobs, this is it. And being on the publishing industry is somewhat a bit closest to one of my favorite fields in life. Don't you just love the feeling of having a job security; like after few tries and perseverance, I got it. I got in. Wow!

And just seven days later (actually, as of this writing), I am now on the verge of hitting an anniversary here in this company. Time flies; just like 365 days ago, I was donning a very formal—or should I say, business attire—on my way here at the office; making my very first day of work as an editorial assistant. Was then oriented by my supervisors and colleagues during the early course. I even recalled working overtime on my second day alone. But of course, struggles, reassignments, personal burnouts, and lucky breaks were all part of it.

Now... or should I say, a year later... I can say I am still in the verge of learning a lot more here, though it's fun. It's awesome. Maybe I'm a helluva almost-veteran who might know a lot in work; but seriously-speaking, there are more things and details I have yet to master (or to know, to say the least).

Anyway, more of the tirades and something worthy posts soon. For the meantime, allow me to finish the rush projects here. Yes, I will get back to all of you later. Like... a few days later. (laughs)

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