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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Scene Around: Fete dela Route 196

05/27/2015 07:01:11 PM

It was hot, but nobody expect to have a massive rainfall during the evening.

But did the weather stop the people from rocking out loud that night? I don't think so. I even thought for a second, these guys forgot—or rather, did not give a fuck—about the concluding episode of that one popular teleserye on ABS-CBN. 

I was supposed to hit a jeepney ride to Katipunan only to realized the rainfall's about to fall down, I ended up riding a cab straight to Route 196 instead; as the venue staged Fete Dela Route 196, their showcase for the incoming JB Music Battle of the Bars.

Yes, you heard it right. Bars like saGuijo, Tomato Kick, B-Side are vying for a competition which will earn them the best equipment from the said music equipment store if they win. Talk about offering the best place with the best bands for the best gig-goers, eh?

This, apparently, was a short evening for me as I only dropped by for a few hours. I did not managed to start the gig and finish on it either. Along the way, I heard Reese and Vica, whose sweet tunes served like a chillout session for the people who could only rant in their minds due to a sudden rainfall.

Also, Aia de Leon, serenaded the crowd with signature hits from her former band Imago as well as her solo tracks like “Tao Lang.” Well, aside from that, she lectured one thing: if something's given to you for free, you should learn to respect. Now, talk about 'closing the door' first, huh?

Apparently, this was the first time I heard Tuesday Vargas sing—not as a pop novelty artist which became part of those masa station's playlist; but moreover, as part of the group Top Junk or The Placidos. And, my, the tunes weren't bad. You have to admire how Tuesday does its due with a megaphone serving as a vocal effect, with a keyboard also on her helm.

Bullet Dumas also performed during the evening and his prowess as a song-maker make him one of the best soloists we have right now.

Itchyworms staged the Jack Daniels room for the people who still stayed outdoors despite the weather. After them, Ebe Dancel's set sent Route 196 into an all-out Standing Room Only, with several of the people taking their phones and cameras inches higher to capture the epic set.

From alternative rock tunes and ballads, the vibe turned into a dancable rock once again as Autotelic stormed Route 196 again, sending everyone's heads bumping to the beat and rhythm.

And again, to a sexytime-like slowdown as Sud performed with their signature music that made spectacular for chilling.

I was on the verge of going home then, but not until I hear Assembly Generals. Say, I never know there's a hip-hop group in the lineup. Not bad. And I am definitely craving for hip-hop for some time in my life. And definitely their Kontrabida is a must!

So, that was really a short-lived one. I think there are few more names which crashed the stage, but anyway, I have to call it a night by then. I guess I'll drop by at Route soon; yes, as long as I get my work done., adieu for now!

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