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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Pre-take: 2015 NBA Finals (Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers)

06/03/2015 06:56:37 PM

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So, it's that wonderful time of the year, as the old holiday jingle goes. East meets west once again, like Stephen Curry's date with LeBron James; or should we say... Golden State Warriors with a last dance — and a big one — with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Both have heavyweight-named comprised rosters, both were displaying amazing talents—be it on the fly or from way downtown.

Golden State Warriors was helluva great team in the West, with the franchise-best 67-15 win-loss record, and winning 16 straight games (shattering the record of 11 in 1971-72) and 12 of their 15 playoff assignments. No question: the outside shooting, tenacious defense, overall teamwork display, and the leadership of their Most Valuable Player Steph Curry (and his record-stunning 286 3-point shots) were the factors for their 'instant-like' punched ticket to the Finals. Plus, the head coach too, who happens to be of the purest 3-pointers to grace the game.

On the other hand, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a quite winding road all-throughout the season until the post-All-Star Break came. They lost key big men like Andersen Varejao and Kevin Love to injuries. But still managed to use James' wisdom to outclass playoff contenders like the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, and the East-leading Atlanta Hawks.

The question: can the Cavaliers, the 53-29 team in 2015 season and seeking for their first NBA championship in their franchise history, secure the gold in the grandest stage of professional basketball?

Moreover: have they moved on from a bitter loss to San Antonio in 2007? Are they capable to decimate GSW which stands 14 wins than them?

And can LeBron delivered his first NBA title to the city where most of his NBA career flourished?

Or... will the Golden State Warriors salvaged themselves and perhaps become the first NBA team to win their championship for the first time—AFTER garnering one more than four decades ago? Thus, marking this season as a very magical one.

It is clearly that Steph and LeBron will be the primer focal point in the match-up; and so was the bench players JR Smith and Andre Iguoadala; Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson, and even big guys like Timofey Mozgov and Andre Bogut.

So, looks like they got some balance right there: international flavas, all-star sensations and even rookie head coaches. I'm sensing more though that the Cavs have the more veteran experiences while the Warriors have the freshest legs.

I can even think Leandro Barbosa and Shawn Livingston will play a key factor here aside from Harrison Barnes, Shaun Livingston and Draymond Green. Perhaps the best forward will defend LeBron for that matter, and that should be easy in the loud arena like the Oracle Arena.

On the other hand, Cleveland should roar in a fast start and it is questionable when guys like Shawn Marion will be backing LeBron's crew by playing more minutes. He only played 57 games due to left hit strain and had only a very minimal exposure in his 5 playoff games with the Cavs. Ditto James Jones and Mike Miller.

I could only wish the vets have their proper time to shine aside from coaching the young guns (alongside the staff, of course).

Say, on the sheets and roster, it looks like GSW has the ball; while on the entirety of history, it was on the side of Cavs.

I can only say: Golden State with a sweep or five contests since their offense-defense combo became factors in winning some favorable number of blowout contests. They have numbers—both in paper and in manpower. So this actually can make up the sum over the difference.

On the other hand, LeBron should do his usual self when he was in Miami. To think he has been to the grand dance once again—and actually for the fifth straight time. He won two titles with the Miami Heat (and count James Jones and Mike Miller there, too) so this should be a less-harder task for him now with a steady supporting cast backing him.

Tough one to call nor to predict, actually.

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